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How to Use Infographics to Enhance Content and Earn Links

By Snap Agency September 18, 2020

Infographics and other custom graphics are the keys to a successful content marketing strategy in 2020. Broadly speaking, they’re great for increasing your content’s visual appeal and utility, leading to a better user experience all-around. Today, we’ll break down some of the many reasons infographics are the future, and why you should start implementing them across your digital marketing strategy right away.

(We know what you’re thinking: “A blog post… about infographics? Not an infographic about infographics?” We know, we know. But blog posts paired with visuals deliver high on the UX front, too, so bear with us for now.)

What Are the Benefits of an Infographic Marketing Strategy?

Let’s examine some perks of infographic content—as well as the stats to back them up:

Eye-Catching Visuals Boost Engagement

You’ve probably heard that humans are more visually oriented, but is there any truth in it? The short answer: YES! Approximately 65% of the population are visual learners, as opposed to a mere 30% for auditory learners. This means that, yes, you’d be wise to incorporate some auditory media to go with your visuals now and again (product demos, anyone?). As far as infographics go, however, the emphasis should be on compelling, high-quality visual content.

When we talk about visuals, we don’t just mean black-and-white images. Your infographics should have pops of color as well; viewers are 80% more likely to pay attention and engage with info online if it has an eye-catching color palette. Keep in mind that vibrant colors placed willy-nilly still won’t cut it. Read up on color psychology and recall your brand’s color aesthetic to ensure you’re being deliberate with your design choices.

Captivating Infographics Increase UX Like Nobody’s Business

Okay, we know you love your brand, but a large part of that is already knowing it backward and forwards. The insight you’ve gained over time isn’t always apparent to the casual user. What if, heaven forbid, users actually found your product descriptions boring, and clicked away before they even got to learning anything about the brand itself? Hasta la vista, online leads.

Worry not, however, infographics are the answer. Breaking down complicated or snooze-worthy subject matter into digestible pieces will help you get your message across quickly and clearly. Your viewer is asking themselves, perhaps unconsciously, “why does this brand matter to me?” Being able to tell them exactly why it matters—in layman’s terms, no less!—is the key to their hearts. There’s a reason infographics are 30 times more likely to be read than your standard blog posts.

Infographics and Link-Building Are a Match Made in Heaven

Digital marketing is all about link-building, whether it be to internal posts or between fellow brands and influencers. Recent studies show that articles with infographics got nearly 180% more inbound links than other posts. Case in point, visuals get people clicking.

We work with many brands who wonder how to pair backlinks with infographics. In other words, do you have to be some sort of graphic design wizard, or fill your text to the brim with clickbait-style links? Well… no, not quite, and thank goodness for that.

For starters, you’ll want to ask yourself what kinds of resources your users would like to “learn more” about. Identify gaps in information on your site, create content to fill those gaps, and link them when relevant to keywords on your infographic. Have you ever fallen down the YouTube or Wikipedia rabbit hole? Your users will get to have that same experience, just on your site instead!

If you’re feeling ambitious, partner with other brands to get yourselves a mention across the web. Did you interview an authority on your brand? Link the quote back to their page on the infographic! Did you, in turn, provide a quote, stat, or endorsement for that partner’s page? Have them link back to you. It’s an age-old adage: scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.

Speaking of Backlinks, Don’t Overlook the Power of SEO!

We’ve talked at length in other blog posts about how backlinks and SEO work together. Essentially, SEO-friendly backlinks ensure that your site will rank well with Google. You can utilize this same tactic with infographics as well.

Boosting SEO on infographics is pretty similar to boosting SEO in blogs. You’ll need to research popular keywords and keyword phrases, then pop those into your infographic. To start, look up common customer search queries and answer them, perhaps while linking to another page on your site. Just remember, as always, to keep your answers concise. For help “cutting out the deadwood” in wordy infographics or getting minimalist in your writing style, consider pairing with a copywriter or digital marketing agency. Your words can still pack a punch and hit all the right keywords, even when you have fewer of them.

What Are You Waiting For? Start Your Infographic Strategy Today!

And how will you implement this strategy, you ask? By pairing with the marketing team at Snap, of course! We’ve got knowledgeable content strategists and graphic designers prepared to get your infographic campaign off to a great start. Talk with us to learn more.