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How Web Design Has Changed In The Last 10 Years

By Snap Agency December 27, 2015




Looking back at web design in 2005 you realize just how far we have come.

Above in the infographic you can see in the 2005 screenshot and the 2015 screenshot of facebook and amazon’s website. These visuals give you a quick idea of just how far we have come in the last 10 years in web design. Facebook is a great example of how understanding your target audience can make the ultimate difference in your website overtime. Facebook is all about maintaining and building relationships online. Businesses and brands have used facebook and other social media websites over the last 10 years to build their relationship marketing and improve brand perceptions. Facebook realizes how people are using their website and allow people to do this more easily through their user interface design.

Amazon has improved by using larger high quality images for every single one of their products. They have studied how people shop and make the action to buy very easy for their users. Amazon also uses badges to symbolize additional services they provide which grab attention and gain better conversions. They have paid attention to what best serves their users and for the last 10 years have created a reputation for being the website to buy anything you could want online.


5 trends stand out in web design today.

High quality photography on your site leads to better sales and quality brand perceptions. Photography supports your brand message, without it people are become frustrated because they are looking to make their final decisions on your product or service. High Quality photos can validate their decision. Mobile first mindset today is very important. If your site isn’t at least responsive you are losing the game online and nobody will can take your business seriously. Today experience and convenience is king, make sure your audience has a great experience no matter where they are or what device they choose to view at your website on. Mobile first design has adopted the hamburger menu not on just mobile devices but desktop as well. This has some benefits like a cleaner design be sure it is appropriate for your site.

Flat design is a trend that has introduced some great web design habits. For example this style has helped to refine simplicity and color palettes. These habits have shown to help increase conversions significantly. The goal of most websites is to gain conversions. Button or CTA (Call To Action) hierarchy is critical for a better experience getting people where they need to go quickly. Remember when everything stands out nothing does.


Overall review of the last 10 years.

Overall it has been clear that we learn best from trial and error. Some trend flare up and are really popular for a year or two then are later realized to not hold much value to the websites purpose. Learning from the bigger websites today like Facebook and Amazon realize they know their audience and alter their websites to give them a better experience. Today, experience and convenience is king. When you design your website around your target audience you will succeed better than your competitors that don’t.