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Online Marketing Strategy Takeaways from the Emmys

By Snap Agency September 23, 2013

Last night was the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards. The Primetime Emmy Awards is the premiere night for those in the television industry and is an opportunity to recognize those who are creating outstanding work in the industry. This year, Breaking Bad, Behind the Candelabra and Homeland were top winners.  However, there were a lot of upsets and unexpected winners. Here are 4 lessons that you can take away from these winners to implement into your digital marketing strategy.

Quality Content

To have a successful show, your must have top notch writing. This is showcased in the winning shows like “The Colbert Report,” “Homeland,” “30 Rock” and “The Hour.” These shows are constantly keeping their fans laughing or on the edge of their seats. You need to do the same goes for your digital marketing strategy. Content is key. Your digital marketing strategy needs to be SEO friendly but interesting for your audience. You should be planning to post new relevant, keyword rich to your website at least once a week. Don’t cheat the system with awkward keyword rich posts either–your audience will notice and will not be impressed.

The Right Direction

A television show needs the right director who will steer the story and characters in a entertaining, relevant and intelligent way. The same goes for your digital marketing strategy. Without a detailed plan to execute you can get lost and lose your money or lose out on potential clients. Have clear goals set for your strategy and be flexible. Things may change and you need a plan to keep your goals and strategy in motion.

Know Your Yourself and Your Audience

Successful television shows know their audience and know what they want to see. Shows like “Modern Family” and “Homeland” have won consecutive years because they know what the critics and their audience want as well as knowing how they want their story to be carried out. You have a clear brand identity and know what kind of information your audience wants to read. Give your audience a reason to visit your website or social channels.

Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different or Take Risks

This year was the first time a show was nominated that was not on a traditional channel. This year, the Netflix series “House of Cards” and “Arrested Development” were nominated and won in various categories. “House of Cards” features a star-studded cast with a very famous director. These individuals took a risk with their careers which ultimately paid off in the end. Online marketing is often a new marketing medium for many clients. You must be willing to take a risk but with quality content, the right direction and an understanding of your brand and your audience you will be successful.