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How to Increase Product Page Conversions

By Snap Agency June 15, 2017

At the end of the day, your online store has one primary goal: To increase sales. Your product pages play a huge role here. A product page is where you describe the features and other aspects of the product for sale.

There are a few ways you can optimize your product pages to help increase customer conversions. Even if you’re partnering with a professional internet marketing agency, you’ll still want to understand the basics. Let’s take a look at the key strategies for boosting product page conversions:

Develop a Unique Value Proposition

Also known as a Unique Selling Proposition, this is a statement which clearly describes the benefits of your brand. The UVP explains how your products or services solve the customer’s problems. Also, you’ll show what makes your brand superior compared to your competition.

There’s a classic marketing strategy here: Sell benefits, not features. Potential customers want to know how your product or service is going to help them. They want to know you understand their problems and have an effective solution.

Subtlety isn’t really required. Place your UVP front and center on your product page. First-time visitors should immediately understand the major benefits of your brand. You have roughly 15 seconds to grab a reader’s attention, so make sure your UVP is as clear as possible.

How to Create a Great UVP

Focus on how your product or service improves lives. Be as specific as possible. How fast does your product take to work? How long will the benefits last?

You’ll also want to emphasize the unique features of your brand. After all, the internet is a big place. You likely have competitors out there who offer a similar product or service.

How does your brand stand out from the crowd? Does your product have a feature not found on similar items? Does your staff possess special experience in your industry?

Your UVP probably the most important copy on your page. Take your time and develop something catchy, detailed and customer-focused.

Create Great Copy

Words matter. The copy on your product page will have a direct influence on conversions. For product pages, I like to use the AIDA formula. This stands for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.


When a customer is on your product page, they’re likely near the top of the sales funnel. They’ve done research into your industry. They’re ready to make a purchase. Your customer is at a stage when they’re looking for a product which grabs their attention. The right copy can help push them towards a conversion.

The headline the most important part of the product page copy. Your headline should clearly state the benefits customers will receive. You’ll also want to optimize your headline by including or two of your most important keywords.


Once you’ve grabbed the reader’s interest with a headline, you want then use the page copy to help hold their interest. Describe the benefits in great detail.

There’s a fine line between describing benefits and describing features. You can explain the features of each product, but clearly connect each feature to a real world benefit. For instance:

  • “The pan’s non-stick Teflon coating makes clean-up quick and easy.”
  • “Our experienced team is able to create a custom SEO for your specific needs.”


This one’s a big tricky. Your potential customer understands that your product has a solution for their needs. Now your copy should instill a sense of desire. You want readers to feel they absolute need your product – and they’re missing out on a ton of benefits if they don’t make a purchase.

Social triggers are important here. Your copy should focus on authority, social proof and scarcity. Endorsements from well-known figures helps establish authority in your industry. Social proof is created through testimonials from satisfied customers. Scarcity is shown through limited time offers and other temporary sales.


By the time your potential customer has reached the end of the copy, they should feel ready to commit. Your page should end with a clear Call-to-Action. This is often a large button near the bottom of the page.

Avoid generic CTA’s like “Buy Now.” Instead, showcase the product benefits one last time. Include copy such as:

  • “Yes! I want to reduce the time I spent in the kitchen. Send me my new cookware today!”
  • “Yes! I want to improve my website’s position in the search engines. Let’s get started!”

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your product pages will have a huge impact on your ability to convert. Your product pages need to connect with readers. Highlight the benefits of your product or service. Use the AIDA formula to guide your customer towards a sale.

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Are your product pages converting customers and helping increase sales? If you’d like to know more about how to increase product page conversions, contact us today. We’ll help you develop a custom strategy based on your specific needs.