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Snap Agency has been helping brands get traction on social media since 2011. Our team is led by Morgan Molitor, who is a social media influencer herself with a deep network and an understanding of how the game works.

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What are social influencers, and why do we work with them?

Social influencers are people who can affect change across audiences. It’s about getting people to talk about you and your brand at the right time. Using social influencers helps build relationships for you without you having to do any of the work. An influencer can reach your ideal clients and consumers that your brand may not be able to through their high-profile, highly followed blogs and social networks.

Leveraging influencers is a great way to get your brand in front of the right audience. It’s no surprise that we turn to our friends or people we trust when we are looking to buy. This is why online reviews are so important. Social media is a great way to get the right people talking about your brand. These “right” people are known as social influencers—and they’re the ones who can influence how others are exposed to or feel about your brand.

We invest in getting influencers to share our created content or experience reviews. This is a great way to build up relationships with thought leaders in the industry. This not only grows your social media reach and influence, but it also enhances brand recognition and brand authority.

What makes us different from every other Minneapolis social company?

Any social agency can provide you with access to a broad array of social influencers, offer best rates and claim top sales. However, these factors don’t differentiate any agency from another. In our opinion, what differentiates agencies from one another can be boiled down into one word: relationships. Let’s face it, we don’t do business with a company because of their name—we do business with a company because of the relationship we have with them or the referral that we received from a friend (just like influencer marketing).

The most important thing that we are proud of within the social department is the relationships we have developed with not only our clients but our social influencers. We are hands-on and become a part of our client’s team. We go above and beyond to ensure client expectations are exceeded. And as a large portion of our team is comprised of social influencers, we test strategies on our own brands before recommending and implementing those strategies to our clients. We’re our own guinea pig. Don’t be somebody else’s test dummy.

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Different social media influencers mean different influencee results. Through a variety of different influencer goals, such as brand awareness, following growth, and content creation, we will get the right people talking about your kick-ass brand at the right time based on your social goals. And we promise we won’t let you down.

About Our Influencer Marketing Services

Snap Agency is a Minneapolis company that specializes in helping businesses accelerate growth through the power of digital marketing. Our social media services can help your brand expand in the right direction.

We help companies define and expand their sphere of influence.