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Using Infographics for Link Building

By Snap Agency September 15, 2017

The best linkbuilding campaigns are based on offering value in a creative way. Although we love guest posting and think that it’s one of the best methods for building links to obscure pages, it’s not particularly creative, and this means that the conversion rate will be low.

Being creative and offering value to people in a different way is an easy way to boost your conversion rate and build links that you’d otherwise struggle to acquire.

That’s why we often use infographics.

While most of us can string together a decent article, very few people can create a half-decent graphics. This makes graphics much more valuable than an article, and they’re also much rarer.

Many websites will be offered guest articles on a daily basis, but they might have never been offered a custom graphic or infographic that they can use. This makes the website owner more likely to post them, giving you more links for the same amount of outreach emails.

What are Infographics?

Infographics are a very specific type of graphic. They can come in all shapes and sizes, but at the most basic level, they must provide information to the viewer in a graphic format. This means that they’ll include charts, graphs and data points which are more easily consumed in a graphic rather than an article.

These types of graphics are often best for guides and complex topics where there is loads of data that could become boring to read. They’re also awesome for visually attractive topics like fashion, design and houses, which are much nicer to look at rather than read about.

But with more and more people creating infographics, you need to add even more creativity if you want to stand out. One way to do that would be to create an animated GIF infographic. These allow you to have moving graphics.

Animated infographics look awesome and because they’re more complicated to create they’re also very rare, making them more valuable to the website owner.

Infographic Galleries

The most simple backlinks that you can acquire with an infographic are gallery links. Simply, these are websites that feature custom graphics and videos. All you need to do is submit your graphic with a little introduction, and they’ll post it on their site.

With them being so easy to acquire they aren’t extremely valuable, and they’ll only have a small impact on your SEO, but they’re very easy to gain.

It’s worth submitting your infographic to all of the high quality looking galleries. They’re never going to hurt your rankings unless you abuse it or submit it to trashy galleries, and it’ll have a small benefit to your SEO.


Once you’ve finished with simple submissions, you’ll probably be hungry for some big boy links that will have a huge impact on your rankings. Guestographics are an evolution of guest posting, and they will allow you to get a contextual backlink on the website that you want and you’ll also often have control over the anchor text.

This can make them some of the most powerful links that you’ll ever get. It also gives you some control over what page you link to, allowing you to build links to sales pages that would otherwise be difficult to rank.

With a guestographic, you should pitch the website owner with the infographic and offer to write a short post for them. This means that they have to do almost nothing to post a great piece of content.

Think of it this way – you’re providing them with a huge amount of value at almost no cost to them, they’ll feel obliged to give you a link when you ask to include one in the post.

For Existing Posts

Another method that is extremely underutilized by many SEOs is to pitch the infographic to websites that have already posted similar pieces of content. For example; if you create a graphic showing people the benefits of coffee, you might pitch it to all the top websites that have written articles about coffee.

It’s super easy for these sites to include the graphic in their existing posts and makes their posts much more valuable. Again, you’re providing them large amounts of value for almost no efforts on their part, so it’s an easy ‘ask’ to include a link below the graphic.

Social Media and Communities

For some reason, a lot of smaller SEO agencies completely forget about the power of social media and niche relevant communities. Websites like Reddit give you access to a huge audience of targeted users who are interested in your industry.

These types of sites are great places to submit your infographic to because they will send targeted traffic to your website, which can convert into paying customers. But it’s also a great link from a large site and readers could share it on their blog or company website, generating, even more, backlinks to your article.