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Search engine optimization is the cornerstone of any comprehensive digital marketing strategy. But learning all the complexities of SEO or training a team member to take it over can be time-consuming and expensive.

Snap Agency has created a proven model for improving search engine rankings for small businesses in Jacksonville. It will drive more people to your website just at the moment they are ready to buy.

Jacksonville SEO Services That Pay Off

We offer several packages of SEO services that will increase the number of visitors to your website, communicate your unique selling proposition, and convert prospects into customers.

Website Optimization

When a visitor comes to your website for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention and keep them there. During this time, you need to communicate that you understand the problem they have and that you are uniquely qualified to solve it.

Snap Agency uses four strategies to ensure that visitors stay on your website and have the opportunity to buy. These website optimization strategies are:

  • Create a clear, compelling brand message
  • Include website copy that engages
  • Feature appropriate keywords
  • Include technical SEO requirements

Content Marketing

If you want to keep prospective customers on your website, you need to give them more than a sales pitch. You need to provide content that educates and entertains them, and you need to make them want to share it within their social media circle. This helps to improve your ‘authority,’ a key component in search engine rankings.

Snap Agency’s content marketing gurus will learn about your industry, your business, and your ideal client. We will craft original content that will speak to the questions your potential customers are asking. In this way, we increase your authority, and we keep visitors coming back.

Link Acquisition

Another way to increase your website’s authority is with links from other high-quality websites. Search engines consider links to other sites a kind of ‘vote of confidence’ for your site.

We have a team that seeks out other websites that you can link to on your site, and that will link from their site to yours. Having sharable content helps this effort as well. We facilitate the connections to these other sites.

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High-Quality Jacksonville SEO Services from Snap

As SEO experts, part of our job is to make sure we have the very latest information about the algorithms that search engines use to determine their rankings. We are diligent about ensuring we have the most current knowledge so we can maximize your digital marketing footprint.

You’ll have a dedicated account manager who knows just when and how to apply our numerous resources to your online marketing program. You’ll get periodic reports and updates, and we’ll show you what your results mean. Your success is our success!

We have over 14 years of SEO experience.