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Keys for Better SEO: Quality Content & Social Media

By Snap Agency December 6, 2013

SEO is always changing. Google’s updates in the past year have changed the game. From link building to formatting and keywords SEO rules are improving websites. So, what are the essentials in your SEO strategy? Producing quality content and engaging with users on social networks.

Quality Content

Producing quality content is an essential aspect of your SEO campaign. Search engines are constantly looking for quality content that is relevant to the user. A great way to produce content that is relevant and still friendly to search engines is to blog. Google is in the business of answering people’s questions. If your content can provide a great answer to a user’s question, you’re set.

Blogs are a great way to answer consumer questions, address trends in your industry, incorporate search keywords and be a go-to source for information. Content drives search. So, be sure your website is properly optimized to reflect relevant keywords, proper word count, proper external links, correct HTML length and proper internal links. These factors all contribute to your website ranking higher in search engine results. These changes are very easy to fix and require an audit of your website.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a great way to help your rankings in search engines. Social media is just another outlet for you to share quality content. Your fans and followers follow you because they have a vested interest in your business. Give them the information they want! For example, fans and followers would like to know about sales, giveaways or special events. Relate to your fans and followers. What are they interested in? Share stories, images or links that they will enjoy. But, what social channels should you be on? Facebook and Twitter are a great place to start. Do you have a great visual product? Pinterest is a great tool. Are you a B2B company? Create a great page on LinkedIn. Don’t ignore Google+. Share your blog posts or relevant links. This is a great tool to make a stronger connection to Google.

Search engine optimization is a process. You will not see results overnight or for even weeks to months at a time. Don’t get discouraged and keep at it. You will benefit in the long run.

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