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Lessons From the Most Engaged-With Social Media Posts of 2019

By Snap Agency February 5, 2020

For digital marketing specialists, social media plays into a tale as old as time: trying to find the most effective way to engage your customers with a product, company, or idea. Today’s social media-savvy crowd is more resistant to traditional advertisements than ever before. How can you get your audience hyped up about your organization through your online presence—in a way that isn’t forced?

We kept a close eye on the social media sphere in 2019, and we saw some awesome posts that generated quite a bit of user interaction. Based on what we saw, we’ve drawn some conclusions about what today’s audiences are engaging with most passionately. Keep these tips in mind as you implement your own social media strategies this year. 

User-Generated Content Is Key

You’ve seen it before: a happy customer posts a photo of your product on Instagram—we’ll say it’s a new pair of shoes—and tags your company in the post, raving about their sweet new find. Your company’s Instagram account shares the photo, and the rest is history.

Not only does user-generated content build a community around your product; it also adds a human touch to your marketing strategy. Customers don’t care about so-and-so paid actor who loves your product. But imagine if they found out someone, say, in their online community made it onto your brand’s page. Or someone of a similar background. Interacting with your customers emphasizes that their business—and their excitement over your product—is valued. They’re the reason your brand exists, after all!

Case In Point: Wayfair

Wayfair, an e-commerce furniture company, showcases their customers’ creativity by posting user-generated interior designs that incorporate their products. Chances are, the customers that are purchasing the furniture are in a creative mood anyway, so why not showcase that spirit through your advertising?

When in Doubt, Make Your Social Posts Funny

Have some fun with your ads! (Just try to avoid those overly manufactured jokes you might see on TV commercials!) Giving your audience a sense of your brand’s personality and voice goes a long way and allows your viewers to see your brand almost as its own person. Remember, though, that memes and other pop culture content change in the blink of an eye, so having a social media strategist knowledgeable of today’s trends will be a major help.

Another thing—decide on your company’s brand of humor early on, and make sure that all content creators stick to it. For example, you might opt for a tongue-in-cheek tone of voice, which will keep your organization, on some level, self-aware, even if your social media memes start to go stale.

Case In Point: Arby’s

You may know Arby’s for their roast beef sandwiches or their to-die-for curly fries. But what you might not be aware of is that they’re truly killing it in the social media marketing/humor game.

Many of their social media posts feature a new menu item alongside a pop culture character, such as a cosplayer from a new anime series. This may not seem like the most intuitive way to engage visitors with a fast food chain, but when paired with a cheeky caption, it’s more than memorable. What, you weren’t thinking of trying the Jamocha shake before? What if your favorite characters from your new favorite Netflix show wanted you to do it? Clearly, the food chain is doing something right—some of their Instagram posts have hundreds of thousands of likes and thousands of comments!

Ask Questions of Your Audience

What better way to engage fans, old and new, than by asking them questions? They don’t have to be directly related to your brand, but there should definitely be a link. For example, you might spark a conversation on your social media account by asking your audience about their goals for 2020. You could also consider asking more casual questions to really get to know your audience, like, “What’s your go-to coffee order to power through Hump Day?” For the most part, you’ll want to avoid questions that inspire negativity or controversy (unless, of course, controversy is an element of your brand).

Be sure to take advantage of the many different forms of interactive content available on your favorite platform. That could be anything from polls to quizzes—whatever gets your audience excited and eager for more content.

Case In Point: Cuddle Clones

Not only does Cuddle Clones create custom stuffed animals of your furry friend, but they’ve also got a strong handle on audience engagement, thanks to their regular silly polls and questions. A recent post entitled “Can You Match the Butt to the Mutt?” asked viewers to choose the picture of a rump that best matched a particular dog breed (in this case, a Maltese). 

While not directly related to selling a product, this technique gets fans interacting and engaging with your content like nothing else. B2B brands in particular can benefit from an added dose of silly, interaction content—wake up your viewers, and show them that your brand is exciting!

Ready to Create a Killer Social Strategy?

At Snap, we’re adept at helping brands achieve digital marketing success through—you guessed it—audience engagement, along with a variety of other marketing tactics. We’ll assist you in utilizing user-generated content, finding the right voice for your brand, and asking questions of your audience that show off your brand’s personality. What are you waiting for? Let’s start a conversation today!