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LinkedIn Lowers Age to 14 for Students

By Snap Agency August 23, 2013

LinkedIn is a great social media channel for business and for job seekers. LinkedIn announced this week that on September 12th they will lower the minimum age to sign up to age 14. LinkedIn also announced the introduction of “University Pages” where colleges and universities can create a page to promote their campus to prospective high school students.

LinkedIn University Pages Details

  • Students will be able to professionally connect with other students, professors and alumni before they graduate.
  • Colleges and Universities will be able to promote their campus news and activities to provide relevant information to prospective students. Students will also be allowed to ask questions, engage with leaders from the school and connect with alumni.
  • Students will be able to find notable alumni and see what types of positions they have and companies they work for.
  • Through this alumni connection, students will be able to explore career opportunities for certain majors. For example, a student interested in philosophy or math will be able to see what types of careers are available for them.

LinkedIn believes this is an opportunity for high school and college students to connect professionally rather than the social side such as Facebook. In the next few years, students will need to stand out to potential employers and with the new LinkedIn age requirements they will be able to make those professional connections sooner rather than later in their academic careers.

LinkedIn for Business

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