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Manufacturers, Here’s Your Guide to SEO Marketing

By Snap Agency December 17, 2020

If you’ve been on the hunt for ways to market your manufacturing business, we’re sure you’ve stumbled upon the term “search engine optimization” (SEO) before. SEO for manufacturing is one of our favorite digital marketing tactics; it’s all about isolating valuable keywords and targeting that content to your audience.

But I’m a manufacturer, you say, not a marketer! How can I master SEO marketing essentials, get inside the head of my buyers, and all the rest of it while still running my business? Not to worry; it’s simpler than you think. Simple, as a matter of fact, as A, B, C.

The ABCs of SEO

Industrial manufacturing is a complicated business, which is a great reason to keep your SEO campaign as straightforward as possible. To do that, keep in mind the ABCs of SEO marketing, which we’ll talk about in detail below. 

A: Architecture

Architecture is how you structure your website. That structure should be logical, functional, and, of course, intuitive to navigate. Links should be titled appropriately and lead to where you say they lead. This not only creates a more positive user experience, but it also ensures that Google will properly index your site for future viewers.


Case in point: our recent collaboration with Stronghold Safety, who wanted to strengthen their SEO to boost revenue for their industrial safety products. We revamped the structure of Stronghold’s site to create a seamless transition between services and eCommerce. One look at their webpage, and you’ll see that shopping for industrial equipment has never been more clear-cut. This restructuring really worked: Stronghold achieved a 56% increase in month-to-month eCommerce revenue thanks to their newly-designed online platform.

B: Backlinks

In the days long past, digital marketing initiatives insisted that the more you backlinked, the better. After all, it’s true that Google examines those inbound links to see if they are legitimate. Nowadays, however, we know that while cross-promotion and linking are good, quality backlinks still need to come before quantity.


Backlinking for manufacturers is stacked with possibility. Just take a look at Nordic Ware, a renowned bakeware manufacturer right here in MN. We partnered with them to build an SEO foundation, and their repeated success in this area is in part due to backlinking. On their company blog and social media platforms alike, you’ll find plenty of collaborations with bakery and recipe blogs. It’s a win-win scenario—those bloggers get promoted, while happy Nordic Ware customers have both stunning bakeware and yummy recipes to try. And of course, bloggers and customers alike won’t be able to stop raving about, and linking back to, your brand.

C: Content

Last but not least, content! This means the text, images, videos, and other multimedia your industrial manufacturing site features. It’s SEO 101 that this content should contain valuable keywords and keyword phrases that help your site rank high.


A great example of strengthening SEO content comes from our collaboration with Timesavers. They’re industrial woodworking and metalworking machine manufacturers that have become industry leaders in recent years. But how did creating more substantial content help Timesavers to promote their orbital sanders, slag grinders, and the like?


At first glance, Timesavers’ niche target demographic suggested a challenge to marketers. In SEO strategy, however, a specific target demographic allows you to narrow in on particular keywords and points of interest. High-intent keyword research helped us to identify clients’ targets and create content around those very goals. Now, one look at their product catalog, blog, and technical support page, and you’ll see why Timesavers’ leads have started to skyrocket.

SEO for Industrial Marketing: Facts & Figures

There’s no doubt that SEO is vital for industrial marketers, even if you don’t follow the ABC method to a tee. To prove it, we’ve compiled some stats below.


  • A mere 1% of industrial manufacturers believe they have a polished content marketing plan. Think of what a leg up you’ll have on the competition (99% of it, to be exact) if you put a little thought into your SEO game plan!
  • Sites with robust architecture bump up credibility by 75%. And when Google’s algorithm perceives a credible site, well, you know what happens…
  • Backlinks aren’t just effective; they save money, too! The average company saves $20,000 per year by making purposeful investments in inbound marketing.
  • Over 80% of industrial manufacturing marketers have found SEO success by regularly producing high-quality content.

With the Right Digital Marketing Agency, SEO is as Simple as A, B, C

Ready to master the ABCs of manufacturing SEO and stand out as an authority in your field? Or to sit at the top of Google’s search results thanks to your killer content, keywords, and more? We thought so. Partner with us today and join our list of SEO success stories.