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6 Digital Marketing Lessons to Learn from the World of Fashion

By Snap Agency October 27, 2017

The world of fashion is at the forefront of marketing. In many cases, they are trying to sell overpriced products by creating a strong brand image that consumers buy into and using ‘perfect’ models are just one example of how they can achieve this.

Their whole marketing strategy revolves around creating the ‘perfect’ image and then selling you the dream, not dissimilar to the way hair loss and erection drugs are sold. We all know that we can’t look like those models, but if we had those shoes… Who knows.

There are plenty of lessons that we can learn from the world of fashion and how they sell products. Most of us work in industries that solve burning problems, and this makes selling our products far easier than selling luxury clothes. If they can do it, so can we.

Social Media is Extremely Powerful

Many digital marketers have started to ignore social media, focusing instead on SEO and PPC. They argue that social media algorithm changes have meant that the reach of most brands has been limited.

While this is true to some extent, you only need to look at some of the leading models to realize just how powerful social media can be. The top models get paid more for a single Instagram post than the average American makes in 5-years.

That’s how powerful social media can be.

It gives you the opportunity to put yourself in front of potential customers, create your brands ‘image’ and to communicate with your audience. In previous eras, top models like Kate Moss didn’t have anywhere near the reach and influence that current models like Cara Delevigne and Karlie Kloss have.

The lesson to learn from these models and the brands they work for is that social media can give you the opportunity to connect with millions of people around the world. No other form of marketing can do that at such a low cost.

Image is Everything

We all know that in fashion, the image is everything and that you’re only as good as your last photo shoot. If you look at most of the photos that models and fashion brands upload on social media or their websites, they are all perfect.

They don’t settle for average pictures and rarely would they post ‘normal’ photos. Everything they upload is a piece of art, and you should be the same.

If you’re trying to create the perfect brand image, then you need to have high standards, and you can’t let them drop, not even on Facebook and Instagram. You wouldn’t include a low-quality photo in a newspaper ad, so you shouldn’t upload one on social media either.

Preparation is Key

The amount of time and effort that top brands put into creating their photo shoots and runway shows is mindblowing. It might take hours just for a model to have their hair done. While you probably don’t need the same A-list treatment, it’s important to recognize that preparation is key.

Of course, these models are gorgeous, but they don’t look that way without hours of preparation. Similarly, the leading companies in your industry might have a great brand image, but it takes many hours for them to create those pieces of content. Prepare properly.

Interaction Builds Lifelong Fans

In the past, models have been distinct from the rest of society, and that has created a mystique around them that mere mortals couldn’t dream of getting close to. However, with the advent of social media, some savvy marketing models have taken advantage of it.

They use it to interact directly with their fans, and this turns the average viewer into a lifelong fan. In their eyes, this large brand or star is taking the time to talk directly to them, even though it might only take a few seconds. Interact with your followers and make them feel special.

Consumers Have Short Memories

The reason that top brands have to be constantly advertising is that consumer has short memories. If you stop for even a single week, they will forget about you and another brand will fill that space in their mind.

Fashion is the ultimate example of this. Models have to work almost every single day of the year always to be putting out new videos and photo shoots, and brands need to be regularly releasing clothes.

Posting on social media or releasing content just once a week isn’t good enough. Make it every day or every other day!

Trends Move Fast

Finally, in the world of fashion things move fast, really fast. What was in trend two weeks ago might not be cool anymore.

It’s the same in every industry, and while it might not be as extreme as this, there are going to be trends that you need to keep on top of. In many cases, these trends will be in the way that consumers use your product, or in the way that they consume content in the industry.

So, even though the products themselves might not change rapidly, you must constantly be adapting to new marketing mediums and macro consumer trends. Don’t get left behind.