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Medical Site Breakdown: How to Improve Vention’s Website Now

By Snap Agency March 8, 2016

At Snap, we’re experts in medical website design. We know Vention offers the most comprehensive medical device solutions in the industry and their website seeks to reflect that authority. We care about helping medical companies and medical device companies create a dynamic high-converting online presence. Check out our video about how to improve Vention’s website now or scan the key points below:

  • Make sure there is high contrast between text and backgrounds.
  • Decrease the number of fields in your contact form.
  • Make sure that the CTA you are making the most prominent is really the thing that will lead to the most revenue. Emphasize “contact form” or “get a consultation” in the header to get the most traction if customized services are key to the success of your company.
  • When you emphasize everything, you emphasize nothing. Decrease the number of calls-to-action on the sidebar, and make three out of four points secondary or white, and visually drop them back a bit.
  • Create clear benefit-driven calls-to-action and make them as personalized to the real intent as possible. For instance, instead of using “Contact us,” perhaps use “Connect with us now.”


Our history includes running seven of our own online stories. This successful track record led us to help other organizations, hospitals, clinics and medical device companies as they started coming to us and our CEO asking for help. He turned them down for years, but we’ve since shifted toward helping other companies. Now our process has been formed by these disciplines:

  • Studying how people use search engines, and meticulously creating websites and content strategies to attract the most traffic using those insights.
  • User Experience: Testing websites and prototypes with non-technical people who are unaffiliated with the client’s organization or our agency, and taking insights from watching them and reading their feedback.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Making changes through A/B testing and clear hypotheses formed around what will have the highest positive impact on revenue.

We do things differently than other agencies in this obsession with digital-only and data-centered design because we want and expect different results. We really feel that a partnership is way more important than simply dropping in for one project, then being done. Here are some examples of our work. Medical Web Design - Minneapolis, MinnesotaWithin Tria Orthopaedic’s site, we created a clear flow throughout and created a tool that allows people to find advice for injuries or staying healthy in activities—perhaps some kind of visual tool to help people find content in your niche would be perfect for your prime demographic.

Medical Website - Body Diagram


In Iowa Clinic’s site, the emphasis on requesting an appointment and the intuitive breakdown in the flow of information is accompanied by the ease of updating content, which is crucial for any organization. 


Easy to Update Medical Website


Did you enjoy this little breakdown of low-hanging fruit for Vention Medical? Send us a quick message so we can talk about how we can make your online presence even better.