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Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based web design and digital marketing agency. Since 2003, we’ve been building gorgeous online platforms that elevate brands and bottom lines.

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Now, you’re probably asking yourself, “How can these development services support my Minneapolis-based business?” Here’s the short answer:


The field of web design is constantly changing, thanks in large part to new technologies and user behaviors. At Snap, we infuse data-driven insights into our design process as they emerge—keeping us at the forefront of the field.

In other words, we stay ahead on the latest trends and best practices so you can focus on your business instead of stressing over UX and conversions.



To excel as a business in Minneapolis, you need an exceptional online presence that elevates your brand above the rest. With a booming economy and population, Minneapolis will keep attracting great companies in the coming years. Is your website doing enough to push your business ahead of the competition?

As innovators in the field of web design, we’ve come to appreciate the power of uniqueness. Through our unique design process, we differentiate brands in visuals, voice and vision—positioning them to connect with their audience on a deeper level. Your company’s story is powerful—and together, we can bring it to life across your digital channels.
If your Minneapolis-based business is looking to engage more consumers online, then you’re in the perfect place. Our team of digital marketing pros has been creating beautiful and effective websites for B2B and B2C brands across the Minneapolis area for years. From e-commerce web builds to custom development projects, we’re your partner for all things digital—including inspiring web design.

What is Web Design & Why Does Your Minneapolis Business Need It?

At its heart, web design is about telling a brand’s story through inspiring messages, visuals and user experiences. The goal of this discipline is to create seamless user experiences that drive brand engagement, affinity and sales. Sounds simple, right?

As a practical pursuit, web design is much more challenging. After all, brands are nuanced and constantly evolving. What images, ideas and experiences best express your brand—and compel users to engage with it?

Find the answer to that question, and you’ll have the secret to digital success in Minneapolis. When properly applied, web design can build awareness and affinity for your brand online—creating new business opportunities, giving you a strategic advantage over competitors, and boosting your bottom line.

Minneapolis Web Design That Drives Results

Snap’s award-winning designers and developers are changing they way Minneapolis businesses approach web design. How? Through a constantly evolving process that’s data and user driven. We embrace changes as opportunities—and root every decision we make in meeting your business goals.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve developed a tireless curiosity for web design. It’s that same curiosity that pushes us to experiment, explore new ideas and never rest on our past achievements. That’s exactly why businesses across Minneapolis come to us with their web design needs: we drive results by adapting as fast as our field—and keeping both eyes poised on client goals.


  • At the onset of every web design project, we dive deep into your company and goals. That means connecting with your marketing team, HR department and other key stakeholders to understand the exact pain points of your current website—and the capabilities the new build needs.

    Once we’re intimately familiar with your brand and project goals, we research your current and potential clients to understand what they value in an online platform. Using those insights as a launching pad, we collaborate with your team to create detailed user personas—which guide every aspect of our web design efforts.

    By the end of this process, you’ll have access to the following:

    • Information on ideal user needs
    • Insights from key stakeholders
    • Full audit of current website
  • Using information and insights from our discovery phase, we hit the ground running with creative execution. Starting with the bare bones of your site’s hierarchy, we develop a detailed sitemap that expresses the relationship between each web page. This sitemap will lay out the location and structure of your entire site.

    With a responsive design framework in place, we set to work on creating wireframes for each web page on your new build. These assets demonstrate where copy, images and other core page elements will exist on each page. Once these are approved, we collaborate with your team to flesh them out with gorgeous visuals and impactful copy in prep for development.

  • Once we understand exactly how your site should look and feel, we call in our developers to bring that vision to life. Using the designs and functionality details from the design phase as a blueprint, our team builds out each page to match them exactly. During this step, our SEO Team will start on technical SEO to improve the searchability of your site.

    Optimization and troubleshooting is the next step in our web design process. Our developers have years of experience with optimizing sites for speed—which directly impacts user experiences and conversion rates. After one final round of QAing your site and squashing bugs, we have both parties sign off on the completed build—and launch it onto the net!


In a word? Results. At Snap, we tailor every facet of our web design process around meeting and exceeding your digital goals. We’ve been supporting Minneapolis brands since 2003 with creativity, passion and data-driven web design practices—all focused on driving better business outcomes for your brand.


Web design creates unique experiences that compel and convert.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based web design and digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through the power of data-driven creativity. Our web design services can help you strengthen your brand and bottom line.

We have over 15 years of web design experience.