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Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital growth company that started as a group of eCommerce stores. Since then, we’ve mastered the art of crafting powerful marketing strategies for companies of all specialities.

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Right now, you’re probably thinking, “What can your digital marketing services do for my niche?” Here’s our secret:


Whether you want a site that showcases your unique strengths or simply want to make your online platform as effective as possible through digital marketing, Snap Agency can help. From web design and PPC to SEO and social media marketing, our services can put your brand on a fast track to success in your niche.

In short, we take the pressure of online marketing off your plate—so you can keep focused on expanding your business.



To thrive as a business, you need a potent online presence that differentiates your brand from the competition and leaves a meaningful impression of your brand. It’s equally important to make your website searchable and easy to navigate to ensure that your audience can find you and reach the content they’re looking for. So if you’re looking for more impact from your marketing dollars, then a partnership with Snap is the way to go.

At Snap, we’ve spent over 15 years perfecting the field of digital marketing—achieving growth and a number of industry awards in the process. Our secret? To start, we test different marketing initiatives against our own websites to measure their results, and leverage the best of them for our own clients. The result? More consistent marketing services that boost your bottom line.
We also understand that each business is unique, especially those serving a niche market—which is where our decades of experience factor in. We’ve helped niche B2B and B2C brands across the country grow through digital marketing. And together, we can achieve the same outstanding results for your business.

What is Niche Marketing & Why Does Your Business Need It?

In short, niche marketing is all about targeting small groups of people that are likely to take interest in a specific service or product. Unlike general marketing, which uses generalized messaging to reach as many eyes or ears as possible, niche marketing is the art of connecting with people who are highly compatible with your brand—and compelling them to convert.

At Snap, we’ve mastered the discipline of niche marketing—and the many unique strategies it employs. From leveraging long-tail keywords and targeted email campaigns to persona-driven designs—we’re seasoned veterans at increasing leads and conversions for B2C and B2B brands with niche markets.

In the right hands, niche marketing through SEO, professional web design, social media and other services can foster impressive results that carry your company to the next level. You can harness our tried-and-true marketing strategies to ensure your audience finds and engages with you online—paving the way for better digital results.


Our niche marketing efforts include a range of services, ranging from social media to SEO. At the onset of our relationship, we’ll work with your team to choose the perfect combination of services to maximize results in your niche.

Each of our digital marketing services is also highly customizable. After all, there’s no all-encompassing marketing solution for businesses, let alone brands with a niche market. Through close collaboration with your team, we gain key insights into your company and the niche you’re targeting—which allows us to tailor our solutions around them. From specific user personas to content marketing that leverages specific long-tail keywords, we can help you use data-driven tactics to connect with even more customers in your niche—supporting your bottom line in the process.


  • Search engine optimization is all about driving traffic and conversions by making your website more appealing to search engines. Done correctly, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your business online.

    We use a variety of tactics to boost the performance of your website on leading search engines, including content marketing, link building, technical markup and more. We can also work with your team to give them a better understanding of how SEO works—and which tactics will deliver the best results in your niche. Here are just a handful of SEO tactics we can employ to enhance your digital marketing:

    • Content marketing
    • Link acquisition
    • Website optimization
    • Competitive analysis
  • SEO is the perfect way to attract customers to your website. But once they’ve arrived, you need to provide an outstanding user experience to keep them on your platform and ultimately convert. That’s where professional web design factors in. Our team can completely revamp your website with compelling imagery, copy and designs that complement and enhance your brand.

    All of Snap’s web design efforts are persona-driven to ensure they align with the needs, behaviors and preferences of your ideal target audience—no matter how specific. We also collaborate with your team to ensure our designs and copy match your brand’s voice and visual identity. Most importantly, our responsive web design services are tailored to optimize the UX (user experience) and conversion impact of your website—drawing greater ROI from your digital platform. From custom design and development to e-commerce builds, our web design services will position your brand for growth in your niche market.

  • Ready to engage your audience across different channels and drive brand awareness? Then it’s time to explore social media marketing. Making a splash across social media channels is a fantastic way to get customers talking about and engaging with your brand. And our award-winning social media marketing services are the perfect way to do just that.

    The main purpose of social media marketing is to help you choose and thrive on the platforms your audience frequents—and compel them to dive deeper into your brand using a range of valuable content. We also make it easy to gauge the success of each ad campaign using a range of data analytics tools. Our goal is to become a natural extension of your brand—one that matches your personality and level of personalized support to the letter. With our support, your business can create a dedicated community of people in your niche that love and advocate your brand.


To start, we’ve built brands from scratch across a range of business niches. Between paving the way for lucrative niches online, building seven e-commerce stores, and innovating in the fields of SEO and web design—we’ve become experts at helping startups and established businesses alike excel online.

With our unique expertise and industry insights, we’re the perfect partner to help you expand and thrive within your niche.


When done right, niche marketing can increase online traffic, conversions and brand loyalty.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through tailored growth strategies. Our niche marketing services can help your brand connect with, engage and convert more customers online to increase leads and sales.

We have over 15 years. of niche marketing experience.