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Optimize your eCommerce Product Page

By Snap Agency October 1, 2013

eCommerce product pages are becoming more and more popular today and the standard for having a great product page has risen. These pages need to be eye-catching, easy to navigate, provide solid information, and strengthen conversion. The goal of your product page is to make a profit and here are the three main ingredients that each one needs to make that happen:


First off, online shopping is a very visual experience. The potential buyer is much more likely to be drawn towards a product if there is a visual aid to guide them rather than a paragraph of text. Since they will be unable to hold, try-on, or study the product, they will focus on visually inspecting the item from the photos that you provide. These images need to be clear, large, high resolution, and uniform with each other so your site is professional. Also, consider offering the option for the shopper to click on an even bigger photograph with zoom or multiple angles. If you are worried about the quality of your photos and do not want to hire a professional photographer, try looking at the several DIY options online that can teach you how to create backdrops and lighting.


Next, after the shopper has examined your product visually, you need to be sure that you are providing the shopper with enough information about your product. They will be expecting descriptions, reviews, and proof that your product is worth it (don’t forget that they will most likely be paying for shipping and handling too.) You can also cater this information to relate to ecommerce SEO, which is very important. Creating your content so that it includes keywords relating to searches that potential shoppers might be using on a search engine can help create a massive increase in site traffic. Be sure to brainstorm on both basic and unique keywords to provide within your site.

Easy eCommerce Product Page Checkout.

Now that your shopper has looked at the product, read the description, and determined that it is a quality purchase, you need to get them to the point of sale quickly and easily. You’ve come this far and it would be a shame to lose them now because of a frustrating process of check-out. Make sure the “Check-Out” and “Add to Cart” buttons are obvious and easy to find, and any follow up forms are labeled well with a step-by-step process (entering credit card info, shipping address etc.)

With these three ingredients, your product page should be up to par with all of your competitors and you can prepare to watch the money roll in!

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