george lee

George Lee
CEO & Accelerator

George has over 13 years experience in building, managing and optimizing multi-channel ecommerce businesses. He built his first Probus eCommerce store in 2003. Since then, he has launched 15 online stores across three different channels. He is a graduate of Pacific Western University and has been at Datacard Group & MasterCard. He also serves as Chairman of the non-profit organization Jobs Foundation. George has been CEO of Snap Agency since 2011.

What was your first concert like?

It was a Jackson Five concert in Phoenix, Arizona. I was an usher and got punched out for strongly suggesting a VERY big guy to take a seat.

How did you come to start Snap?

So, I was thinking about our success on the internet for all of our ecommerce stores and all the people who had asked me if I could do the same for them. I was really used to saying, “No.” Our biggest assets were a thorough understanding of the Internet and how it worked,  so I decided that we since we knew how to sell our own products, why not help others do the same thing?

What do you think about the start of Snap just four years ago compared to where we are now?

Every day is a learning opportunity. This is a fun and challenging business. But I remind myself that if it were easy, everyone would be in our business.

What do you do for Snap?

I do a lot of networking, and a lot of business planning. I still think mostly in the future, so business planning is a big part.

You know, when I think about my role I’m reminded of a couple questions Inc. 500 asked me for an interview. What’s the key to success, and what’s my exit strategy. My key to success is to hire the smartest people I can afford, and then get out of their way. Mostly what I do to express my gratitude for letting me hang out with really cool, smart people is try to stay out of their way. My exit strategy is horizontal. In a pine box.

What do you like most about Snap?

I get to learn and be challenged every day. I get bored easily so those are important to me.

What’s one thing you’ve learned starting Snap?

Well, when I first decided to start Snap I did a lot of research about Millennials. Probably for 6 months I researched what motivates millennials and how they work. That’s how I decided what our culture would be.

What makes you happy?

Music and riding my Harley on an open road make me happy.