Liz Lorge
Content Writer | Copy Editor

With majors in English and journalism, Liz graduated from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities in 2012. She’s since managed an ice cream kitchen, learned how to roller skate and fine-tuned her editing prowess at another agency before landing on Snap’s doorstep. Here she flexes her writing muscles and wordsmiths for a variety of clients while talking sass and listening to sweet jams. She likes roller derby, antiques and the feeling of waking up in a tent on particularly cold mornings.

In an office of loud personalities, Liz’s calm manner of going about her day might go unnoticed, but her brass knuckle coffee mug paired with her grammar and writing skills that put most seasoned English professors to shame make it impossible to overlook her presence. She’s an essential member of the Snap copywriting team. Liz won our hearts over when she drove us all to lunch in her Buick Roadmaster (newly dubbed “Snapmobile”) that safely transports her and six of her favorite co-workers from point A to point B. When Liz isn’t reminding us what the difference is between a plural and possessive apostrophe, she’s tearing it up with the North Star Roller Girls.

What was your first concert like?

My first concert was the N’SYNC Pop Odyssey tour. They came to Milwaukee, it was at Miller Stadium. We went for my sister’s brithday. It was for my sister’s birthday, I was about 12. My sister swears that one of them looked at her, she talked about it for weeks after. We were so far back, there was no way.

 What is your role at Snap?

I mostly write copy that dovetails nicely with SEO strategies. I also craft content strategies based on a client’s needs and proofread everything to make sure a quality product is delivered.

What do you like most about your role?

I like writing. I like understanding the client and their business. Also learning more about them and being able to step into their shoes and write from their point of view.

What do you enjoy most about working at Snap?

The people and the challenges. Every day presents a new set of challenges and requires me to switch my mind from one subject to the next as I write content for a broad variety of clients. This brings me to the people: They’re pretty neat. It’s a tight-knit clan that just wants to do an awesome job at everything we can.

What inspires you?

Great minds. I like to keep my nose in the books and blogs to see what ideas people come up with. Seeing how others poke at topics from different angles often inspires me to look at something with fresh eyes.