Damian Kirchoff
Digital Designer

Damian is a web and graphic designer with a penchant for white space, and clean visuals. He works to create value for clients through social media imagery, user interface, and user experience design.

How did you come to be at Snap?

While going to school for design, I was able to meet Tim Brown through school. We were able to stay in contact, and after graduating, Tim reached out to me to let me know they were looking for a designer. After sitting down with Spenser and Tim, I was asked to join the team.

What do you do for Snap?

I’m able to offer my skills as a designer to create solutions to a client’s problem. I’m currently in all aspects of design from social media images to websites.

What do you like most about your role?

The team. We’re smaller, but it gives us more freedom to make an impact on all areas of a project. If you want something a different way, you can explain and share your opinion. With the size, it also becomes a much more welcoming environment to create an opportunity to do better. Everyone works together, everyone takes care of each other.

What inspires you?

All things art, from music to clothes to paintings to movies. If it was created to elicit an emotional response, I believe you can draw inspiration from it.

What makes you happy?

My daughter. I never really felt ready for fatherhood, but it has to be the most natural and rewarding things I’ve done with my life. She’s so curious about the world, and always giggling no matter what she’s doing. My wife and I are excited to watch her grow and learn about the world.

What was your first concert?

Equal parts amazing and awful. Sun beating down, no shade, very little water. But up close and really getting into the music makes it worth it. I went to the Warped Tour, mainly just to see one band, ETID. Left with awful sunburn, and a lost raspy voice. It was a good time overall.

What can you never lead home without?