Jesse Schoff
Solutions Engineer

Jesse started in the web industry early in life, owning and operating a web hosting business from the age of 14. Although that business is long since defunct, it sparked a lifelong passion for web design, web development, and web infrastructure.

After freelancing for over a decade, and working in a corporate development shop for five years, Jesse seems to finally have found where he fits in best: at Snap Agency. The fast pace, collaborative nature of agency life is invigorating and everyday offers new and sometimes unfamiliar challenges, but that’s where all the fun starts.

What was your first concert like?

I think it was Counting Crows, but there have been seemingly a thousand since. I’d rather tell you about my very recent favorite concert experience rather than a transitory memory faded into the past. My all-time favorite group, Moderat (a three-part electronic trio from Germany), came to Chicago in May 2016, and I bought those tickets on day one. It was the show of a lifetime.

 What is your role at Snap?

Principally, I’m the IT manager. That means that I bridge the gap between the sometimes super technical development side of our projects and translate that into useful and friendly language for our clients and the other teams here at Snap. Boil it down: I make people comfortable with the nebulous world of web development.

What do you like most about your role?

I like that it’s extraordinary flexible. There are a lot of moving parts, cogs in our machine, that all need to be oiled regularly to maintain peak performance. That means staying on my toes and keeping all necessary parties involved amicable, which changes from project to project. I’m never bored. I don’t even know what that word means anymore.

What do you enjoy most about working at Snap?

I love the casual nature we’re able to maintain at our workplace while still taking our work very seriously. Just because we’re strapped to deadlines and sometimes have early mornings and late nights to keep our clients happy, we do it in style and with a finesse that keeps everyone cheerful, and most importantly, sane.

What inspires you?

Design. I may be a developer by trade but I didn’t start that way. I’m always looking for the latest design trends so we can adopt or preferably adapt and iterate into our own awesome designs. But I’m careful to remember: while design makes it look pretty, development makes it work. And of course, music. I’m listening nearly all day, keeping those brain synapses firing.

What could you never leave home without?

My phone! A phone is just a phone to a lot of people until you get it into the hands of a techy. My entire life can be accessed from my phone, from web servers, media servers, and home or work computers.

What makes you happy?

Traveling, SCUBA diving, and photography. If I could spend the remainder of my life doing one thing, it would be traveling from dive site to dive site with my camera.