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PPC for Medtech and Healthcare Marketing: 3 Tricks to Maximize ROI

By Snap Agency July 31, 2020

Are you looking for a reason to invest in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising for your medical business? Look no further! The number one Google search result has, on average, a 31.7% click-through rate. In other words, getting your business—whether it be an urgent care provider, medical device distributor, or something similar—front and center is a worthy investment. Even better, we tend to unconsciously associate the top search results with being the “best” or most authoritative. 

In the medtech and healthcare industry, being the best or most knowledgeable isn’t just a matter of status—it’s what keeps your patients, customers, and distributors happy, healthy, and loyal to you.

Remind Me, How Does PPC Work?

PPC advertising is an immensely useful marketing tactic for increasing site traffic. To put it simply, a company purchases advertisements on both search engines and other websites. These ads appear in response to specific keywords and keyword phrases that you’ve placed a bid on. Keyword prices are determined by the amount of competition those words have, bidding strategy, and much more. When your lucky user happens upon your ad and clicks on it, they’re taken to your site; you, the company, pay a dollar amount for each click.

How Does PPC Function in Terms of Medtech and Healthcare Marketing?

PPC is ideal for localized searches, especially when someone is looking for a medical practitioner or medical device supplier nearby. How often have you searched something along the lines of “doctor’s office near me” or, say, the signs and symptoms of a particular illness? For that matter, how many times have you hit “refresh” on those local COVID-19 updates? Not only does PPC pair clients with businesses, but it also directs them toward testing and treatment facilities that can be, in 2020 especially, the difference between life and death.

PPC Best Practices

While your end goal is to maximize ROI for your medtech or healthcare organization, we suggest you think instead of your PPC campaign as a continual process. This doesn’t have to be overwhelming—it just means monitoring your campaign and tweaking it as needed so that your ads are continually optimized. Here’s a look at some best practices for PPC in the medical industry.

1. Stay Attuned to Which Keywords Are Popular, as Well as the “When” and “Why”

The best keywords and keyword phrases can be affected by several factors, such as region and seasonality. Amid COVID-19, both keywords and business priorities are shifting..

First, we recommend investing in keyword tools to track these ever-changing trends. Some of the best keyword tools, such as Google Search Console and Semrush, are even free! You’ll be able to monitor which words have the highest click-through rate, and from there, which PPC ads are the most effective. And then, of course, you can tailor your words and phrases as needed. You can also perform time-of-day analysis, so that you know precisely in which time slots your ads are most effective. What better way to make the most of your budget than by arranging for those ads to appear when they’re most popular anyway?

2. Tailor Your Tone to Your Target Audience

Slapping the right keywords into your ads or shoveling your marketing budget into a flashy PPC campaign seems like it should be effective, right? All the same, doing too much can leave your customers feeling overwhelmed and, worse, alienated. Consider, for example, the state of panic a user may be in while Googling their symptoms, or the urgency with which hospitals may be trying to acquire certain supplies and medical devices.. Keep it simple, and don’t forget that “human touch.”

What if, for example, your PPC ad connected users with a medical professional right away? What if you adjusted the tone of the words in the ads themselves while continuing to incorporate those valuable keywords? An ad that humanizes your practice (“We’re Here to Help” or “A Community Hospital Near You That Cares”), for example, both informs and instills warmth. Ads that simply state your business name or function can leave your users with an icy first impression.

3. Use Powerful Calls to Action

You’re putting money into those ads, so you want your users to engage with them! Action phrases like “learn more,” “schedule my consultation,” or “get a demo” are ideal for getting click-throughs and sought-after conversions. After all, getting very few clicks is frustrating, but getting many clicks and little to no ROI is almost more so. Go on, then, encourage your customers to set up an appointment—and perhaps throw in a limited-time offer while you’re at it! Remember that you’re working with limited space on your PPC ad, so keep your CTAs clear, brief, and specific.

Snap: Leading PPC Management for Medtech and Healthcare Marketing

There’s a reason Snap Agency has been recognized as a leading PPC management company, and we can’t wait to show you why! We’re a digital marketing agency focused on optimizing your PPC campaign and producing results. If you want to maximize ROI for your healthcare or medtech business today, we would love for you to reach out to us. Let’s work together to leverage valuable keywords and the latest PPC strategies.