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SaaS Marketing 101: Optimizing Your Website

By Snap Agency June 4, 2020

Software as a Service (SaaS) is quickly becoming a workplace essential. This software delivery method encourages productivity and collaboration—we think of it as the offspring of a Cloud application. In fact, thanks to SaaS platforms like DocuSign, Slack, and Mailchimp, Snap Agency and many other companies managed to transition to a fully remote workplace during the COVID-19 outbreak.

For SaaS companies, developing a successful marketing campaign can be an overwhelming process, even when there is a clear need for a product. After all, this form of software is capable of handling so much—payroll, email, document editing, analytics, and security, just to scratch the surface. How can companies best narrow their focus to create the best SaaS marketing strategy possible? Look no further; we’ve got answers.

Search Engine Optimization

We all love a good SEO tactic, and they’re especially handy if you’re marketing a niche product like SaaS. So go on, download a keyword research tool, and avoid playing the SEO guessing game. SEMRush, Google Search Console, and Keyword Surfer are some of our favorites for identifying keyword gaps, conducting organic searches, reviewing your average CTR (click-through rate).

Keep in mind, however, that within just the last few months, SEO for SaaS has changed drastically due to COVID-19, which means you may have to tweak your standard SEO strategy. Zero in on search terms by demographic (such as age, gender, geographic location, income, and so on), and toy with COVID-19-related words and phrases. After all, as difficult as it is to imagine, COVID-19 is already the most popular search on Google to date (that’s right, it even outranks questions about the weather), and your SEO strategy should integrate that somehow.

Another SEO hack (well, not literally, but you know what we mean): free trials! Use those SEO tactics to identify new visitors to your site, and convert them with a free week, month, etc. as often as possible. Identify keyword phrases that will drive up those conversion rates (“SAAS + freemium” is an excellent place to start), along with other words and phrases that will outshine your competition.

Attractive Site Design

Since 2016, 78 percent of businesses have sought to expand their SaaS platforms into the present day and beyond. In such an oversaturated SaaS market, one of the most straightforward ways to stand out is with innovative, strategic web design.

While it’s crucial to focus on converting visitors into leads, it’s easy to let appealing web design and a positive user experience fall by the wayside. We’re telling you now that it’s key to balance both. But just how is that done? Here are a few ideas:

  • Create varied content. Zuora knows what’s up—plenty of customer testimonials, engaging case studies unveiled in a narrative format, illustrations, videos…what’s not to love?
  • When in doubt, go minimalist. A cluttered website is a visitor’s first hint to, well, run away and never look back. Think about it: just about every company needs, or would benefit from, an SaaS platform of some sort, but not everyone is prepared for the techno-babble that follows. A sleek, minimalist look suggests efficiency and impeccable organization. Take a look at Teem for ideas.
  • Place yourself in the user’s shoes. Take Shopify, for example: many of these users are first-timers looking to break into the ecommerce game, and aren’t necessarily SaaS wizards. What’s intuitive to you, the SaaS expert, probably isn’t intuitive to everyone, so place links, tutorials, and FAQs in places your standard user would think to look.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

If some of your hard-earned revenue is going towards PPC ads, make them count! One of the best ways to do so is by directly answering user questions and providing solutions with your ads, leading them straight to your site and your product. Remember what your specific SaaS company offers; what would your customers be most likely to search for? Would they be gratified to see your PPC ad appear at the top of their search results—a direct answer to their prayers—as the result of their query?

Once you’ve got some preliminary ideas (i.e., a list of FAQs), we suggest conducting A/B testing to tweak your ads as needed. After all, shifting a word or phrase can mean the difference between attracting the right audience and the wrong one. Perfecting a site is often a time-consuming process, so partnering with a digital marketing agency that knows how to refine your message will be key.

Ready to Take Your SaaS Marketing to the Next Level?

SaaS, SEO, PPC, oh my! So many acronyms can be overwhelming, and successfully incorporating them into your marketing strategy is even more so. That’s why you should partner with our award-winning digital agency and optimize your SaaS platform like never before. Does your software need a redesign, a strong PPC campaign, or personalized SEO tactics? That’s precisely what we’re here for—stop by and let’s chat!