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A Google Plus Romance – Moving Beyond The Friend Zone

By Snap Agency January 17, 2014

What do you think: Does the future of Google Plus for search engine marketing look promising?

Marketers and savvy businesses  know the tricks of Facebook and Twitter. But Google Plus, on the other hand, is a party that no one wants to attend – yet everyone is forced to RSVP yes. You know its happening, but what’s the point of going if you’re not going to run into any of your buddies?

But check this out – an interesting figure shows us something that needs to be addressed. Google Plus now has the second fastest adoption rate among social media platforms.

So, is it good? Bad? Or just vying for your attention? We’re going to address the figures and features of Google’s social media platform and what’s in store for the year that as a company, you just can’t ignore anymore.

Since early 2013, Google Plus has surpassed every other social site besides Facebook.

The fact that it has the second fastest adoption rate means that user engagement and niche communities are on the rise and important connections will exist. Like any networking site, what you put into it is the value you’ll receive out of it. Create good content and connect with those niche communities, and you’ll find out that it isn’t as lonely a site as some seem to think.

Something to keep in mind, however, is that opening a Gmail account automatically signs that user up for a Google Plus account. Google really enjoys merging outstanding services with their weaker ones to try and improve numbers.

Google Plus has the most immersive and interactive interface.

When Google designed their interface two years ago, they were able to take a look at already-established brands and improve the things that other sites weren’t doing well enough. In fact, the most popular activity on Google Plus is uploading photos, something that Facebook claims to have a monopoly on. They also built a “Review” feature which will be a boon for businesses.

Don’t forget about SEO – Google Plus is your first line of battle.

Google considers its own properties the most important when deciding search rankings. Because of this, links posted to Google Plus cause the page being referenced to index very quickly, making it easier to rank in search results. Additionally, Google Plus updates themselves are automatically indexed by Google and can rank for keywords, allowing you to add and manipulate certain semantic searches. This will be key for your search engine marketing strategy in 2014.

Where We See Opportunity – Will Marketers Benefit?

Google implemented a new feature this week that allows you to email anyone with a Google Plus account even if you don’t have their email address. This follows an earlier move that forced Gmail users to create a profile on Plus whether they wanted one or not – on top of the move that forced YouTube commenters to sign up for a Google Plus account.

The change, announced a week ago, and introduced throughout the past few days, was lamented by most Gmail users, who feel that spam and unwanted solicitations will now start flooding their personal email inboxes. You can choose to opt out of this feature, but it has some users worried.

According to Google, the change is meant for people who know one another but have not yet exchanged email addresses. Seems alright, but what happens when marketers figure out how to utilize it as a promotion platform? Will we be able to bombard our markets and circles through Gmail however and whenever?

That remains to be seen. Right now, it seems as though we’re just waiting to see whether Google can actually pull their network up by its bootstraps and impress those already on the guest list.