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How Do Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Work Together?

By Snap Agency September 4, 2018

Social media and SEO both play a crucial role in attracting attention to your brand and they aren’t mutually exclusive. Social media marketing can be beneficial in many ways, like increasing brand awareness, creating brand loyalty, and allows you to position yourself as a thought leader with smart content all while being cost effective. Meanwhile, search engine optimization is another low-cost option that allows you to help bring more traffic to your site. Both of these digital marketing tactics can be very beneficial if used correctly, and, as it turns out, they can both benefit and play off one another. Today, we’re going to talk about how your search and social media activities can influence one another.

Encourage Engagement

While the interactions on your social posts won’t have a direct influence on your SEO, it can lead to more engagements on your website, which does affect your search engine rankings. So, a strong social media profile that can reach a large and active audience will certainly be beneficial for your business overall. If your engagement isn’t where you’d like it to be, try posting user-created content, responding to questions your followers have in the comments, using visuals, and relevant hashtags.

Attract Links to Your Site

A well performing social campaign that is active and produces good content has a good chance of gaining inbound links, which in turn can drastically improve your SEO. It will take time to build up credibility to warrant industry influencers to link to you, but the benefits are immense. So stay with it and continue to build a loyal social audience. One day those efforts will really pay off.

Social Media Can Give You Insights For SEO, and Vice Versa

What you choose to post on your social media platforms should be very similar to how you choose to optimize your search presence. The popular keywords you choose for your SEO will also help you figure out what content to post on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If your search engine optimization is lagging, then look to your social posts and see which ones are gaining the most traction then apply it to your search tactics. Your social media and search engine content should play directly off one another.

When it comes to your online presence, no matter the medium, your content should have a consistent tone and utilize a well-defined set of brand guidelines. If you’re seeing amazing interactions on the blog posts that you share on social media, but aren’t seeing the same results for blog posts that you run PPC adds to, then you need to take a close look at why these two tactics are performing so differently. Are you using different language or a different tone between the two mediums? Maybe it’s time to take a step back and establish some branding guidelines to guide all of your digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Can Rank on Search Engines

Perhaps you’ve begun to notice that some branded searches will show a business’ Twitter page or tweet. That’s because Google has a partnership with Twitter. We do not know precisely what this means for the future of social and search marketing. However, we know it is common to see relevant tweets in the Google search results, for branded searches. Having your Twitter posts showing up in search results not only has the potential to impact your site’s SEO, but it can improve your brand awareness, authority, and lead to increased link building with other sites as well.

Boost Your Brand Reputation

This one can be said for all your digital marketing practices. Do you want to be perceived as an industry leader? Fine-tuning all of your marketing strategies can help get you there. A company that appears high on search rankings, has an informative and engaging social media feed, provides useful emails, and delivers meaningful content will be looked at as a credible brand. So don’t just do the bare minimum on some of your digital marketing strategies. Put in the work to make sure that all of your digital and interactive mediums are the best they can be.

Ready to Optimize Your Social Media and SEO?

Aligning your social media and search marketing pursuits is no easy task. However, here at Snap, we have years of experience working with clients to make sure both of these marketing strategies are firing on all cylinders. That means we have to take the time to learn about our clients. What their product offering is and their point of differentiation, as well as what their goals are.
We have a passion for helping businesses succeed and take their digital marketing capabilities to new heights. Check out some of our work and see for yourself. If you decide your business could use some guidance, call or message us today to set up a meeting.