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Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based SEO and digital growth company. For over 15 years, we’ve been developing proven SEO strategies that produce measurable results.

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So, you’re probably asking, “How can your SEO services support growth for my Minneapolis-based business?” Here’s the scoop:


With every cute animal update from Google, the field of SEO shifts and evolves. At Snap, our data-driven approach and dedication to research keep us at the forefront of search engine optimization practices and strategy.

In other words, we handle the stress of investigating and implementing the best SEO tactics—so you can rest easy and focus on your business.




To thrive as a business in Minneapolis, you need to rank well on leading search engines. And as the economy of Minneapolis continues to grow, there’s no shortage of rival brands vying for a spot on page one. So then, how can your business stand out from this tide of competitors and attract the right type of traffic to your website? Well, if you’re looking for long-term impact, then SEO is the way to go.

At Snap, we’ve spent over 15 years pioneering in the field of SEO—achieving growth and more than a few awards in the process. How did we do it? By embracing new ideas, testing them across our own sites, and leveraging the best SEO tactics for our clients. We’re seasoned veterans at navigating search algorithm and ranking systems to position your business for long-term digital growth.
If you’re a Minneapolis business tying to increase online leads or sales, then look no further; you’re in the perfect place. We’ve helped a myriad of B2B and B2C brands grow across a range of industries, making us a premier provider of SEO services in Minneapolis. Together, we can reach (and crush) your digital marketing goals.


What is SEO & Why Does Your Minneapolis Business Need It?

Search engine optimization is designed to help businesses attract online traffic. It’s essentially the art of including features that search engines view as valuable—which is rewarded by better ranking results. With the right SEO tactics, more customers will see your site when they search online for products and services—increasing visits, conversions and sales.

Snap specializes in improving search rankings through proven SEO methods for local businesses. Our Minneapolis SEO services include the latest and greatest techniques to drive customers to your website—and compel them to choose your brand over competitors.

Our SEO process is collaborative; we work together with your team to develop and implement a tailored online strategy to ensure it aligns with your short- and long-term business objectives. Whether you’re after new customers or simply trying to revitalize your existing portfolio, our SEO experts can help you find the perfect combination of SEO services to meet those goals.


Minneapolis SEO Services That Work

There are three main facets to our SEO approach: Content Marketing, Link Acquisition, and Website Optimization. Each of these strategies will help boost your search ranking—and synergize to improve your digital marketing results overall.

Each of our SEO services is also highly customizable. That’s because there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all businesses, especially if you’re after a niche audience or have very specific digital growth goals. By working closely with your team, we can gain a detailed understanding of your brand and its objectives—and tailor our solutions around them. Our overarching goal is to become a natural and seamless extension of your brand, one that drives interest, affinity and better business outcomes. With our support, your business can connect with and improve the lives of even more people through search—boosting your bottom line in the process.



  • To be effective, your site needs to capture the attention of visitors from the onset. It’s far too easy for potential customers to bounce and start searching on other sites if you don’t quickly and clearly provide value—and convince them it’s worth their time to stick around.

    With website optimization, our goal is to create a fine balance between form and feature for your online platform. We work to ensure your site looks and sounds great—without compromising its overall purpose. Using long-tail keywords, valuable content, meta descriptions, page titles and more, we can optimize your site to attract your ideal demographic and nurture conversions. These are the four strategies we employ across these optimization efforts:

    • A brand message that’s easy to understand
    • Copy that’s informative and compelling
    • Keywords that count
    • The latest technical requirements


  • Great websites do so much more than sell; they educate, entertain and inspire with unique, informative content that delivers real value to users. It’s that value that keeps visitors coming back—and turns intrigued users into repeat customers. With the right content, you can solidify your brand as an industry authority that’s worth listening to, and compel visitors to dive deeper into your business.

    Snap’s team of content specialists excel at developing compelling and creative content across a wide range of B2B and B2C clients. We can also share this content across your social media and other digital platforms to drive even more traffic to your website. Our time-tested content marketing tactics produce valuable content that connects with customers on an emotional and intellectual level. From blogs and service pages to highly targeted landing pages, our content will incorporate SEO tactics to help you meet your digital growth goals. Whether you’re looking to increase page views or rank at the top for an important keyword, content marketing can contribute to and exceed your objectives.


  • Did you know that you can improve the search ranking of your site by including links to other trusted websites? By linking to other sites (and having others link back to yours), you can increase the visibility and potential traffic flow of your online platform.

    SEO is all about balancing the needs of search engines with the needs of real users. Through link acquisition, we can appeal to both of those parties—driving more visitors to your site and convincing Google that your brand is reliable and worthy of being ranked highly.

    Despite its slow nature, link building is one of the most valuable aspects of any SEO strategy. Our link builders have years of experience with finding quality links to maximize your search rankings—and seamlessly incorporating link acquisition into your current SEO efforts. And don’t worry, our team will only source links that provide meaningful value and help your business stick out from competitors



We’ve been perfecting the art of search engine optimization with our own online stores since 2003—long before we started offering SEO services to clients. Every marketing company has SEO success stories, but how many can say they’ve built businesses from scratch with long-term SEO strategies?

With experience, passion and data-driven SEO tactics, we can help you make a real impact on your industry—and redefine your digital marketing efforts.



When done right, SEO brings measurable improvements to traffic, visibility and business growth.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through proven SEO strategies. Our search engine optimization services can help your brand attract and convert online traffic to support your bottom line.


We have over 15 years of SEO experience.