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Google’s Business: How Keywords Are Changing SEO

By Snap Agency January 8, 2014

With Google throwing major algorithm changes at us throughout 2013, it’s a surprise that most businesses didn’t just throw their search engine optimization (SEO) services to the wayside.

From ongoing updates to Panda to the release of Penguin 2.0 and the content-focused Hummingbird platform, it seems as though Google is backing away from keyword-centric search algorithms and concentrating on semantics. So do keywords still matter for SEO?

Absolutely. In fact, they matter now more than ever. It’s just that the game has been updated for an increasingly integrated online community.

Google Still Cares About SEO Keywords – So Should You

In all of the tinkering that Google did last year, they implemented an entirely secure search system and took away important keyword data. This left marketers with an unavoidable keyword data “not provided” notice and wondering what to do next.

Even with the changes to Google and the so-called decline of keyword effectiveness, there are some important facts to keep in mind when deliberating your keyword strategy:

  • Every single search is made up of keywords.

  • With over 2 trillion Google searches last year alone, it makes sense that keywords are far from dead, or even dying.

  • Google’s entire business is based on selling keywords and brought in almost $37 billion of advertising revenue for the company in 2013.

  • Keywords and their meaning remain the primary input search engines use to produce results. Optional inputs such as location data and app integration are gaining popularity, but still lack the power of keywords.

So, we get that keywords still play a necessary role for Google, but the utilization and SEM strategy for your business – how will that be affected?

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Putting It All Together – From SEO to Social

SEO isn’t just a lone expeditioner in the quest for leads and sales, but an equally important guide – like Sacagawea was to Lewis and Clark. Internet marketers who invest not only in smart keyword research but also social media, content development and PPC (pay per click), will be successful in the new year.

Just as searches drive traffic to social media, social media improves search and PPC, while content development enhances everything. The trick for us marketers now is to reach people on their level.

Consider these four aspects when developing your optimization plan:

  1. Figure out which of your pages are generating the most value and the kind of content that generates the best ROI.

  2. Build SEO that serves topics and people. Keywords and rankings will come.

  3. There are questions Google answers when it scans and evaluates your website, like:

    1. Is your site navigable?

    2. Is content relevant, credible, timely and puts quality over quantity?

    3. How relevant is your site to the input keywords?

    4. How strong is your social presence?

  4. Be vigilant. With dozens of changes last year alone, Google will undoubtedly change yet again – and soon.

With all of the algorithm modifications and evolving keyword trends, contact us today to find out how Snap Agency will improve every single aspect of your digital marketing with our expertise in SEO optimization services.