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SEO PowerSuite Review

By Snap Agency October 6, 2017

The SEO PowerSuite is one of the most popular SEO tools out there. It combines multiple SEO tools all within a single plan, making it the perfect option for agencies and businesses alike.

If you’re serious about digital marketing and growing your business, a tool like SEO PowerSuite can make the process far easier. It was developed from the ground-up with SEO in mind, and it’s evident that the founders are digital marketers themselves because no stone is unturned.

The SEO PowerSuite was developed so that all of your digital marketing needs could be met in a single plan and while there are other things that would be useful, it covers all of the essentials.

One of the best parts about this program is that it’s a one-off license, which means that you only need to purchase it once, rather than paying for a monthly or yearly subscription. Most of its competitors require ongoing costs, with some costing much more per year than a one-off license for SEO PowerSuite would cost you.

This makes it ideal for established businesses and agencies who know that they will be using the tool for many years.

As well as that, there is also a free version of the suite available so that you can try it out before you buy. In fact, for smaller businesses and start-ups the free plan might be more than good enough to fulfill their needs.

If you do like it, then you can always pay the fee to upgrade to the full product which will allow you to run more reports, track more data and keep an eye on even more rankings.

SEO PowerSuite Tools

The SEO PowerSuite is a collection of four tools, each of which you need to run your digital marketing campaigns for your own business or your clients. Each of the tools run as separate programs, but they do work together, allowing you flawless transition of data.

The collection is going to allow you to optimize your site for Google and all of the other search engines that you’re targeting, it will make your SEO campaigns easier and allow you to track improvements in your rankings.

Rank Tracker

The Rank Tracker does exactly what it says on the tin; it allows you to check your rankings at any given time and keep track of any changes. This tool is extremely accurate, giving you precise data that you can use to see the progress of your campaigns.

Tracking your rankings is crucial for every business, after all, it’s hard to know what is working if you’re not keeping an accurate diary of the changes in ranking. The Rank Tracker does this all for you, no longer will you need to search each day and store the positions in a spreadsheet.

But the best part about the Rank Tracker is that you can use it also to track your competitors, allowing you to see when they are creeping up on you. The last thing you want is to lose rankings to your competitors, so, this tool will allow you to see movement before it’s too late.

If you run an SEO agency, then it’s likely that you have clients all over the world, each of which will rank in the hundreds of different search engines out there. Believe it or not, Google doesn’t own the entire search space.

The Rank Tracker will allow you to keep track of your client’s rankings in up to 327 different search engines and across multi countries. Google and other search engines are geo-specific, meaning that they will alter the rankings based on your location, so it’s important to use a tool like Rank Tracker that can bypass this an get accurate results from that country.

At the end of the month, you probably spend countless hours preparing gorgeous looking reports for your clients. But what if you could click a single button and get a perfect export to send to your clients?

That’s what the Rank Tracker can do for you. You can automatically include your logo, choose the colors and report in different languages, making it the ideal tool for showing your clients the progress that you have made each month.

SEO SpyGlass

The SEO SpyGlass tool is designed to allow you to take a close look at all of the links pointing to a given page. It works with the largest backlink index on the web to ensure that you can track every single link out there, something which is becoming more and more important.

Over the past years, we’ve seen Google penalties strike down plenty of websites for backlink infractions. At this point, we are all aware of the risk, and that’s why we need to be proactive in spotting malicious links and removing them as soon as possible.

Using the SEO SpyGlass tool is the best way to do this because it gives you access to the worlds most complete database of backlinks data. Not only that but it also automatically calculates the penalty risk of each of those links, allowing you to spot them easily.

With all of this data, the SEO SpyGlass tool can perform some cool analysis, to show you what linkbuilding tactics work and to track different ranking factors.

Just as with the Rank Tracker, the SEO SpyGlass will allow you to see changes in the landscape before they take effect so that you can react quickly. You can analyze up to 5 of your competitor’s backlink profiles, allowing you to keep track of the links they gain.

This will give you an advanced warning before the SERP’s change so that you can build more links to your pages and protect your hard earned rankings.

Not only that but by analyzing your competitor’s data you can see what links they have that you don’t so that you can easily grab them and reap the benefits.

WebSite Auditor

The WebSite Auditor is arguably the most useful tool in this entire suite, allowing you to quickly perform an on-page SEO audit for your website or your clients. Without this tool, you would have to spend hours doing what can be done by this tool in just a few moments

It will check how well your pages are optimized for the keywords that you are targeting, it will check whether they are crawled and indexed, plus it will give you social media stats. All of this can be easily exported into a report that is ready to be given straight to your clients.

The WebSite Auditor is designed to do what an SEO professional would do, in a fraction of the time and with none of the ongoing costs. The most used feature within this program is likely the SEO health checker, which checks for HTML flaws, broken links, and missing tags.

Not only can this help to prevent errors on your page, but it’s also going to ensure that your page is thoroughly optimized, which will boost your rankings.

All of this can be done extremely quickly and if you needed to it can even from behind a proxy, so that you can keep your location and identity private.


Lastly, the LinkAssistant is there to help you to find new linkbuilding opportunities and to track your existing data and research. When you’re working on large campaigns or for multiple clients, the data can stretch into many thousands of lines.

All of this is extremely burdensome to manage from a spreadsheet, especially as you continue to add new lines. Instead, the LinkAssistant makes it effortless, allowing you to find new opportunities and instantly store them with a single click.

One of the best tools within LinkAssistant is the ability to cross-analyze your website with your competitors, finding out who links to them but not to you. This is a simple way to hunt out new backlink opportunities that your competitors are already benefiting from.

Once you’ve got a huge list of data, you can easily filter through them, giving you the chance to handpick the links that you want to pursue and disregarding those that you don’t.

Finally, you can also use this program to automatically verify your links, checking to see if they have been placed and then periodically to ensure that they aren’t removed.

Is it Worth It?

Overall, the SEO PowerSuite is an incredibly useful suite of programs that is an absolute must for any business owner or agency who is serious about digital marketing.

The tools aren’t flawless, for example, it would be nice to see integration through the Moz and Ahrefs API so that users could include their data from those sources. Similarly, the SEO SpyGlass should allow you to customize the parameters that it searches for.

However, these issues are of omission; they are not problems with the existing suite of tools.

It’s quite hard to criticize the SEO PowerSuite, purely because of the price. The value that you receive for the price that you pay is quite incredible, and as it is currently available for a one-off payment, it’s hard to overlook.

Most businesses and digital marketing agencies will find a use for it, even if it’s just for a single tool and the ability to export attractive reports. At this price, it’s easy to justify it.