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3 things SEO and newborn babies have in common

By Snap Agency September 19, 2013

Two months ago my wife and I were blessed with our first child. He’s an awesome, happy, healthy little dude who has completely turned our world upside down (in a good way). What I used to call a sleepless night, I would now consider a full nights rest. How I would have described a “busy evening” I would now call a relaxing evening at home. Dishes are piling up, I haven’t worn a clean pair of socks in weeks (sorry coworkers) and diapers, dirty and clean, are crammed into every crevice of our home. Sleep is non-existent and the lack of it is how I concluded that SEO and newborn babies are basically the same thing (maybe not but pretty close). Here are my three take aways from my 2am wake-up call last night:

1. It requires attention.

A good SEO strategy requires time and attention. Dedicating time for planning and execution is crucial for creating a successful strategy. To begin good SEO habits you should plan to post new keyword rich, relevant content to your website at least once a week. Or feeding and changing diapers daily if we’re relating this to raising children. This of course means that you, someone you trust, or an SEO agency needs to be writing content that is relevant to your business. Yes a real human being that started as a newborn baby needs to write this content. This keyword rich, relevant content should be written and posted to your website on a consistent basis. One of the most frequent errors of an SEO strategy we encounter, is the inconsistency of posting. Pay attention to your strategy, commit to it, execute and watch the visitors roll in.  Our baby cries. We listen. We feed him. He grows.

2. It needs to be changed.

Changing diapers is, without a doubt, my least favorite thing to do. But I know it has to be done for his sake and ours. He is relying on us to do this and if we don’t come through, we have problems. Change the content and change it often. Google and your visitors like new, fresh content. Tell your visitors and potential customers about new services your company is offering. Write commentary on a new product launch specific to your industry. Or write about the company picnic you had last week. This can be simple and fun. Don’t worry about keyword density or link building. That stuff has it’s place in a strong SEO strategy but focus on the fundamentals of creating unique, interesting content for your users. By keeping up to date with your industry and giving your opinion, even if it’s not the popular one, will without-a-doubt keep customers, clients, Google and babies coming back for more. 

3. It’s hard to understand at first but clarity is coming.

At first it may seem like you’re spinning your wheels but I can assure you, your efforts will pay off. I didn’t have a clue why my little guy was crying for a few weeks. Now, we have the ability to tell what’s bugging him just by the noises he’s making (not always out of his mouth). If you are diligent in your approach and execution of your content strategy you will begin to see results. They may trickle in slowly at first, with a few more visitors from the previous period but over time you’ll see this grow. Depending on your industry, it could happen as quickly as 3 months or it may take as long as a year or more. Once those results start rolling in, don’t let up, put the pedal down, push through it and watch your website rank rise. You’ll feel like your child just got accepted to Harvard.

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