Enterprise Services – Sitecore

Sitecore is an Enterprise CMS focused on marketing creating the best outcomes in the simplest path. Since 2008, we’ve performed over 10 enterprise-level Sitecore implementations and completed hundreds of Sitecore-related projects.

Snap’s Sitecore Services

There are no limits as to what’s possible with Sitecore. Below is a list of some common services we provide to our Sitecore clients. We also provide best-in-class Sitecore support services to oversee your ongoing web and CMS operations. We have a full staffed team of analysts and developers dedicated to supporting your Sitecore website and server infrastructure, available on-demand.

First-time Sitecore Implementations

Your first Sitecore implementation is the most important. It lays the foundation for all of your future web operations. You need a trusted partner that has experience implementing your custom solution with the future in mind. We have performed many enterprise-level Sitecore implementations and Sitecore-related projects.

Sitecore Digital Marketing System

Sitecore’s not just a CMS any more, it’s a full blown Customer Engagement Platform. With Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS), organizations can realize the power of marketing engagement automation. Our teams have implemented high-value DMS solutions for clients who require more sophistication out of their digital marketing presence.

Sitecore Content Migrations

These days, most organizations have existing content and related digital assets that are either residing in an old CMS, or scattered about disparate systems at your company. We have the skills and the staff needed to safely migrate all your web essentials over to Sitecore. Migration is also made more enjoyable given our tools and procedures to make sure nothing is left behind.

Sitecore Support and Maintenance

Sitecore, like all good machines, needs consistent maintenance and updates to add new features, maintain security and grow their assets. Whether it’s a few hours a month or an entire team, we have resources and processes to help keep your business-as-usual needs from bottlenecking company goals.

Sitecore System Integrations

Enterprise web solutions need more than just a CMS to operate. Most websites rely on various other systems or databases to create a seamless experience for the end users. Our Sitecore solutions are designed with extensibility and flexibility in mind. Whether we need to hook into your CRM, E-commerce, Billing, or other mission critical system, we use Sitecore as the hub that ties it all together.

Multilingual Sitecore Solutions

Many of our clients run global operations and their web content reaches audiences all over the world. As a CMS that originated in Europe over a decade ago, Sitecore’s inherent multilingual capabilities are proven and have a reputation for being the best in the industry. Although Sitecore is well-equipped, a proper multilingual implementation requires a partner with experience designing complex information architectures.

Sitecore Training Services

While Sitecore is an extremely user-friendly CMS, there are concepts that are specific to Sitecore that administrators should be familiar with, and conventions that editors and other users should be aware of. We can host ongoing training sessions throughout projects to ensure that your staff is ready to hit the ground running.

Are there services we didn’t mention or are you just ready to talk and see if there’s a fit for a current or future engagement? Snap’s process strategists can work with your team to understand if and how we can help.