We’re Coding The Same Language.

Java, Flash, CSS, HTML, HDTV, ABCDEFG. Having trouble keeping your code languages straight?

Snap’s team of web developers spend so much time here, that the nighttime cleaning crew knows them by name. The late nights are a just a small sacrifice our programmers make to bring killer web content to our clients.

Our back-end team isn’t just tireless. They’re also award-winners. Whether you run a WordPress website, operate a Magento site or have your own cluster of code, our developers will create or modify a site suitable to today’s standards. It might just turn some heads along the way as well.

Need something that works across multiple media? We’ll get it done. Have a huge e-commerce infrastructure? We’ll just direct you to our about page. Have SEO or compatibility needs? No worries, we are the original web marketing authority. Whatever your needs for a web development company, we speak your language. Let’s get the coding conversation started.

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Are you ready? Contact our web development team.

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A Trusted Minneapolis Web Development Company

We’ve had the privilege of being the web development company for some of the largest companies in Minneapolis and the country. But regardless of company size, we approach every development project the same. During the discovery process, we drill down to specifics. Our due diligence includes building your preferred development environment, choosing a CMS that best suits your administrative needs, integrating necessary third-party systems, accounting for rich media requirements, and assessing your current web hosting provider. Why do we ask all of these questions? Because you need a site that works and that takes a web developer who delivers.

Tell us what you need, whether it’s e-commerce web development or the online home for your brand. We’ll walk you through our process and you’ll understand how we are able to build websites with functionality and longevity.

Our web development team has completed over 2,700 projects.


Everything we do on our Minneapolis web development team is intentional. From the Content Management System’s we choose to work on to the last tweaks on a mobile menu. Our team has been doing this for over 10 years – first on the E-commerce websites of our parent company Probus, and then for the companies that asked us to help with building and maintaining their web development as well.

We got into web development because it served our business needs, and we still think and work that way. We call it ‘data-driven creative’, but you might just call it ‘common sense.’ Minneapolis Web Development doesn’t need to be complicated or scary, we just think that making it about a partnership and creating long-term value is the way to make it efficient and cost-effective.

We have web developers on staff, working every day to create websites that are not only functional but beautiful. Our team works in conjunction with our overall Minneapolis web design team and we are constantly talking about ROI and the bottom line for clients, so we don’t get bloated unnecessary technologies – but the ones you can actually use and update yourself, and that make sense for your business goals.

While we’ve been developing websites for over 10 years, we aren’t too proud to stay up on the latest technologies. We see something compelling that will help our web design and development be more effective, we experiment and get better at our jobs by implementing the best out of the technologies we’ve experimented with. We also know it’s important not to get distracted by every new framework out there. If you need Angular, Python and .Net fine, but we find that many of our clients thrive on less obtrusive and expensive technologies like Magento and WordPress.


We know that many people have had weird experiences with web development companies. We want to be that web development company you can trust, and that lives up to the customer service experience you have with our sales guy, to our project managers and any solutions engineering you need to do with the web developers themselves. We want you to be able to meet the people doing the work, and to have rapport with our team.

We don’t want to be the web development company that requires hand-holding and we know you don’t want that either, so we work quickly and efficiently within a timeframe agreed upon, and with the functionality requirements both organizations have signed and created together. It’s a great system, and it requires trust – but we find that it’s efficient and allows us to do our best work. We care that you get what you need, and we understand that our web development efforts are the steel girders with which companies rest entire systems of revenue on.

A web development company that churns out websites and burns bridges isn’t going to thrive in our modern economy where people can review companies at the drop of hat, so we strive for positive testimonials and 6-star reviews. We want you to feel like you’ve never felt after getting done with a web development project. We’re passionate people and get excited about code. Though we may not have a hackathon every night, we do sometimes feel giddy working through some code at 2 in the morning.

Caring deeply about the success of your project is in our blood. We take craftsmanship seriously and we know you have your pick of the litter when it comes to web development companies. We’d love to chat with you about what your needs are for your web development project, and discuss whether our company would be the right fit. We’re picky because we only want to start projects with companies we feel that we could give a high level of value to through our services and where expectations are aligned. Send us a message today!