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The web is a confusing layer, impossible to conquer without the right army, weapon, or at least a set of nunchucks. And like every great warrior, you need to realize that the long term outcome is more important than the short term loss.

But wouldn’t it be great if you could overcome your day-to-day technical problems with ease, while also staying focused on the longstanding goals of your web presence? Thankfully, Snap has created a solution to this problem.

Introducing Webmaster: The newest service from Snap.

If you’re worried about IT issues, or have backend bugs that you and your team just can’t figure out, Webmaster is the service for you.

This Is What You Get With Webmaster

  • Bucket of hours for support each month via a dedicated portal and support email address. From there you can create tickets or make requests via email.
  • Guaranteed response to requests within 1 business day. Currently, our average response time is 3 business hours or less.
  • You’ll receive 1 pre-pay invoice per month and summary of time spent the month prior. This invoice will arrive 15 days prior to the upcoming period.

Support examples would include:

  • Addition of provided content/copy
  • Upload and addition of media like images or videos
  • Creation of pages and posts
  • Bug-Fixes to site issues and crashes
  • Updates to the latest version of CMS and Plugins

Support examples do not include:

  • Custom design or image creation
  • Copywriting
  • SEO/SEM or other Online Marketing services

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We respond to IT requests in an average time of 3 hours.