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Snap Agency Launches HGA Website

By Snap Agency August 9, 2018

Snap Agency launches a completely redesigned website for HGA.


Snap Agency, an industry leader in digital marketing services for B2B and B2C organizations, recently launched a fully redesigned website for HGA. The digital marketing agency delivered a beautiful and responsive WordPress site that conveys the design firm’s revamped brand and compels visitors to engage, positioning HGA for resounding online success.

Snap Agency Creates a Stunning Redesign for HGA

HGA specializes in designing artful, enduring buildings and environments that tell meaningful stories. The design firm approached Snap Agency for help with developing an online presence that matched the beauty and impact of its architectural designs. Westwerk—a core creative division of Snap—rose to the challenge, creating a dynamic website design that offers visitors rich insight into HGA’s projects, passion and design philosophies.


HGA’s new website bears a clean design, refined functionality and inspiring copy that compels users to engage and convert. Westwerk expertly implemented the client’s wealth of powerful images and videos into the new site’s design, creating a vivid and dynamic user experience for visitors. Empowered by its revamped website, HGA is connecting with new clients spanning the country—leaving its mark upon the world through exceptional, innovative designs.


HGA’s inspiring website can be found at the following address: hga.com.


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