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Snap Agency Wins Indigo’s 2018 Website Design Award

By Snap Agency July 26, 2018

Westwerk, a creative division of Snap Agency, receives Indigo’s Website Design Award for 2018.


Westwerk, a division of Snap Agency, recently received the prestigious Website Design Award from the Indigo Award Ceremony. Westwerk was recognized by Indigo for its creative design work with the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty, a non-profit legal and educational institute dedicated to protecting the free expression of all faiths. The division worked with the Becket Fund to revamp the design of its website, Becket Law.

Westwerk Provides an Inspiring Web Design for Becket Law

Westwerk employs sound, data-driven strategy and creative ideas to develop digital experiences that deliver meaningful results. This core division of Snap Agency created an impactful design for the Becket Fund website that captures the institute’s expertise and visual identity, providing an inspirational UX that compels and engages users.


Indigo Design Award is a competition that recognizes and celebrates the year’s most extraordinary digital and graphic design projects. Indigo accepts design work from creatives spanning the globe, honoring the most exceptional digital and graphic designs with its awards. The competition’s judges for 2018 included creative directors, art directors and CEOs from some of today’s most respected companies, including YouTube, IKEA, Indicius and more. Indigo recognized the outstanding design work on Becket Law, granting Westwerk the Website Design Award for 2018.


Find more information on Westwerk and its remarkable web design work.

About Westwerk

Westwerk has spent the past 11 years crafting strategic business solutions through thoughtful design and expert development. This division of Snap Agency harnesses technical expertise and creative passion to deliver meaningful results for its clients. Westwerk’s digital services encompass brand strategy, creative design, custom development and more, positioning its client partners for resounding business success. To learn more about Westwerk and its distinguished branding, strategy, design and development projects, visit www.westwerk.com.

About Snap Agency

Snap Agency is a leading digital strategy and transformation consultancy based in the Twin Cities. The agency partners with B2B and B2C businesses spanning the country to develop strategic marketing initiatives that move clients beyond ROI. Snap’s digital growth services range from SEO and social media marketing to web development, design and branding, empowering clients with the tools they need to thrive online. From defining the digital revenue funnel to documenting the digital customer’s journey, Snap’s data-driven solutions enable long-term success for its client partners. For more information on Snap Agency and its selection of digital growth solutions, visit snapagency.com.


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