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Snap Spotlight: Regular Girl

By Snap Agency December 7, 2015

Key Concepts You’ll Like:

  • Collaboration
  • Interactive UX
  • New industry experience

Regular Girl is an up-and-coming company crafting premium probiotics and prebiotic fiber specifically for women. Snap hasn’t thrown our hat into subject matter of the irregular kind until now, so our client Taiyo International paired us with people who have: JT Mega Advertising.

Collaboration at Its Finest

That’s right: We paired with experts in the field of everything food advertising. As one of the leading food advertising agencies in the country, JT Mega spends a lot of time thinking about how to best bring food to consumers. Side-by-side collaboration with them was a no-brainer for Snap.

The union between JT Mega and Snap is like the gift of fielding Shaq and Lebron James in the same lineup—our client Taiyo International was in for a treat. As Taiyo brought the expertise of two agencies together, they could be certain of a success.

Snap provided the web build and deep insight into functionality and user experience (UX). JT Mega brought the heat when it came to user insight for a food brand. Like peanut butter and jelly, but instead it was two great agencies making prebiotics come to life for consumers on the web.

Snap’s depth of ecommerce experience in a variety of industries made crafting a website fit to handle heavy traffic a successful venture. While we were born before Google was a verb, we learned a thing or two along the rocky digital road. Our experienced pros in UX and functionality brought a clever eye and thoughtful ideas to the table for building RegularGirl.com while JT Mega taught us the psyche of a food consumer—especially one in such a specific demographic (ahem, irregular women).

Our Favorite Things

Snap has a lot of fond memories from this project. Some of our favorite parts, though, came from fun people with fun ideas. Building a site while working with such great teams makes even the biggest projects seem less daunting and tedious. The camaraderie between ideas and people made for fun work that can be seen in the site.

If you stop by RegularGirl.com you’ll see firsthand how interactive our approach was. The overall design of this website for Taiyo is unique. As our COO says, “Most sites about poop fall with a plop, but this one really sticks with the user.”

As in, a site geared toward informing consumers about irregularity and what they can do about it could have been boring, sterile or even shy about the topic. Snap and JT Mega didn’t shy from the subject matter like a blushing child hiding behind his mother’s skirt. No, no, no. Instead we embraced the subject and threw it into the mainstream the best way we know how: through a fun, inventive website that informs consumers while letting them buy products easily.

RegularGirl.com adheres to informing the consumer about why prebiotics and probiotics are necessary, yet it flies the flag of direct and unashamed discussion about irregularity—which is exactly what the consumer needs to hear.


How did Snap plan for the site?

Snap Agency really flexes its muscles in the ecommerce realm, but that doesn’t mean Regular Girl was any easy feat. We knew RegularGirl.com had to be designed and built to suit large amounts of traffic. With the insight by JT Mega, we were well aware that droves of consumers would be drawn to the site to either be informed about the product or purchase it.

What we didn’t know initially, however, was that Regular Girl products would also be situated on store shelves. Upon discovery of its feature in retail stores, we knew we had to build a website that could handle even more traffic than anticipated. With all those extra eyes on the product in stores, Snap adequately adjusted the volume capacity of the site.


Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 11.48.15 AM

Why will consumers love the site?

RegularGirl.com is fun at first sight. It has colors that pop, animations that wink and illustrations that add a handcrafted feel. It’s easy to understand and requires little time to find the exact information you’re looking for.

This website is user-friendly and fun for people who don’t take themselves too seriously. You won’t be finding a neutral-colored site laden with incomprehensible medical jargon when looking here for info on the best prebiotics for women. Instead you’ll find useful yet lighthearted details in regards to prebiotics, probiotics and getting regular.

When it comes to user experience, this site nails navigability. No matter where you find yourself on the website, you’re always one click away from everything else. You’ll never find yourself stranded in a vicious website loop, going from page to page unable to find what you need or how to go back to where you came from.

What did our partners in prebiotics have to say?

JT Mega, our partner through this all, was fantastic to work with. The melding of minds provided big wins all around for Regular Girl. We’re eternally grateful that such experts in the field thought Snap to be responsive, humble and knowledgeable in how we approached our union throughout this project.

Would we do it again? Absolutely. And should you check out RegularGirl.com? Well, that’s a no-brainer.