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Snap Spotlight: Silver Tree

By Snap Agency April 14, 2015

Key Concepts

  • Attractive Design
  • Service Focused
  • Updated Logo

Silver Tree came to us with a website that didn’t match their caliber of work. They provide high quality plumbing and heating services to Minnesota residents, but their website lacked necessary information like what exactly their services were. We used a new website design to modernize them as a brand, call more attention to their experience, and make it easy for users to contact Silver Tree for work.

When we design a new website, we always aim to incorporate the client’s identity as a brand. With Silver Tree, a big part of this is featured in their new and improved portfolio page. Plumbing and heating aren’t typically sexy topics, but they’re both a necessary part of residential and commercial properties. What we have now is a beautiful portfolio page that doesn’t just segment their work into replacement and construction for both commercial and residential properties, and also offers insight into their company culture. We’re pretty big on culture at Snap, so this was a big bonus for us.

We revamped their website and even gave their logo a makeover. We asked our designer what the best parts about Silvertreepandh.com’s new design are, here’s what she had to say!

silver tree plumbing and heating websites
Before (left) and after (right) images of Silvertreepandh.com

Five Favorite Things

  1. My absolute favorite thing about this site is that it takes the services Silver Tree Plumbing and Heating provides and gives the users great proposition’s to solve their problem in an attractive and comprehensible way.
  2. My second favorite thing about this site is how it gives off a personable and hardworking impression of their brand. It shows the user the heart of Silver Tree’s employees establishing trust and comfort.
  3. A nice part of this site’s UX/UI is the contact form at the bottom of the page that is always present for the viewer to easily contact Silver Tree. No matter what step in the conversion process they are in that form is always readily available.
  4. I like the fact that it is unexpected for this type of business to have a nice looking site and that it is consistently shown through all of their competitor’s sites. We now have quality design paired with simple and comprehensible content that ultimately help to push conversions rates.
  5. Lastly we helped update Silver Tree’s logo to have more usability online and for any other mediums they wanted to use it for. We took heavy influence from their initial brand and pushed just a touch further to be more modern and usable for today.

If you’re looking for a new website, Snap Agency specializes in responsive web design and development to modernize your brand image. Our portfolio includes SEO Services, PPC Management, and Ecommerce solutions. Get in touch today and find out what we can do for you!

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