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Building a Social Media Content Strategy? Leave “Corporate” Behind

By Snap Agency February 7, 2014

A social media content strategy puts a human personality behind your brand. Not a robot, not an intern, not Mark Zuckerberg – you. Do you consider yourself a corporate drone? It’s okay if you see yourself that way, but more importantly, do your Facebook fans?

If you find your B2B company is consistently left with social media marketing campaigns that have a lot of speed but no direction, then you my friend, are in need of a content strategy.

Tweens Don’t Like Frampton: Relevant Content Makes ‘Em Social

In the Axe-filled atmosphere of a middle school dance, students only start dancing together once the DJ puts on some relevant Tween Wave. (Unfortunately, kids these days just won’t get down to classic 70’s Frampton.)

Similarly, social media and online communities only become social when peers can gather around, discuss and share relevant content that encourages interaction.

It’s 2014 and time to realize that content strategy has made it’s way into the hearts, and skill sets, of marketers who feed the minds of consumers through social channels. The day has come for B2B to implement and standardize this practice into their social tactics. And like Mr. Frampton, your brand needs to come alive – all it takes is a little personality.

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Dropping “Corporate” From Your B2B Social Media Content Strategy

If you’re B2B, most of your marketing fodder is in the form of white papers, e-books, and educational information that seeks to inform your target about your services. But if you bring a sense of personality to your brand’s content, you will have a better chance of connecting with consumers. You also differentiate yourself from dull reputations that most non-creative businesses unfortunately receive. Post videos that entertain while they educate, write short blogs that highlight main research topics or relate a personal story to the information being presented.

In today’s seemingly endless social media storm, creating a brand requires exposing your company to as many online outlets as possible to reach your target. After all, catching a lot of fish at once requires (no pun intended) a big net…


Look at it this way: doesn’t it sound much easier to create content specifically targeted toward the type of person that you want to reach, in a consistent manner and through two or three platforms? Yes, it is much easier. And yes, it is more effective to reach those that will knowingly convert, rather than those that may not care.

Finally, leave the “corporate” out of your content strategy. That doesn’t mean channel your inner Jerry Garcia and start Tweeting about the hemp sandals you wore to the office. Just liven things up a bit. 

Keeping your brand in the forefront of your target’s mind means regularly entertaining them through relevant channels, while keeping them informed of useful products, services and of course: your business. The more memorable your brand, the better – you may even reach that coveted Tween market.

Your Beginning Steps To Action: Creating And Curating Your Content

It’s a hard concept to grasp at first. So, let’s start with the creation of your social media content strategy.

First, you need to decide the content that you and your audience need. What do they want to learn? What may interest them about your brand? Figure out the substance and why they’ll be drawn to it.

Second, how will your social media content be organized and accessed? What channels will you blast on? How will you distribute it? Understand your infrastructure before building over it.

Third, how will content be created and maintained? This is important in keeping your workflow organized.

Lastly, lead the decision making process. Or, you could just go all out and hire (or create) a CCO (Chief Content Officer) position.

All of these elements will build into a strategy. One that answers the question, “What will our content do for our business and our clients?”

This is when you take on the process of curating. Often a tedious (yet rewarding) process, you need to manage your content strategy once it’s been created. Governing and modifying your voice, tone and style in respect to mood, medium and audience will round out your social media campaign. You will start seeing engagements and impressions, if not interactions, dramatically increase over time.

Need Help With The Next Steps Of Your Social Media Content Strategy?

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