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Protecting Business From Social Media Marketing Blunders

By Snap Agency February 14, 2014

There’s no doubt that as you’re assuming the role of social media manager, you’ll stumble and take wrong turns. But in time, you’ll learn how to grow business and take control of your digital marketing.

Along the way, avoid these potential social networking pitfalls and blunders to improve impressions, engagements and your bottom line. Let’s start with your social media strategy.

Starts With Your Brand, Ends With Your Social Media Strategy

It starts with your brand message. Who are you? What are you communicating to followers and fans? And most importantly, why? Answer these questions, and you’ll have a central figure to base all other marketing campaigns off of.

If you’re a few Facebook fans short of being your own social media management agency, then stick to these points when developing a true social media strategy.

  1. Define your purpose. Are you driving engagement, providing information or generating leads?
  2. Identify Your Target. Who are you speaking to and what platform will they be on? Spend time doing in-depth research.
  3. Develop content goals. Differentiate and drive engagement with interesting topics that inform your audience.
  4. Look, learn repeat. A social media management agency will help you set up social media analytics. This way, you can figure out what’s going right to repeat. Or scrap what’s wrong.

Social Media Marketing Statistics & SEM

Make sure you have some sort of tracking code or social media analytics platform to evaluate retargeting and search engine opportunities. Because, what is seo, if it doesn’t concern social media marketing?

There are several functions you can easily test against each other to see what’s working and what isn’t. For instance:

  • Gather reports about your audience for better SEM and retargeting on social channels.
  • A/B test a social media contest against a poll to see which generates more buzz.
  • Improve conversion rate optimization services on desktop or mobile. Learn more here.
  • Find your best performing social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter.

Managing Robots: Avoiding Automation

It’s tempting to automate your social media posts once you get into a groove. Manage people instead.

It’s okay to schedule posts a few hours in advance – but even over the course of a day, Internet communities may gather around one thing; just to revolt against it later.

The worst time to employ this tactic is during personal customer interaction. Tweeting automated messages to an upset consumer will look terrible and have online communities ridiculing your social media marketing. Here’s what you do if someone lashes out: take it off line.

Avoid these mistakes when developing and implementing your social media marketing tactics. With hard work and a persistent voice, you will see engagement steadily increase Which will in turn increase revenue.

Looking for a Social Media Management Agency?

If you need help with your digital marketing strategies, look no further. Snap agency is a full-service social media management agency that produces SEO-driven results for our clients. If you want to take a look at the numbers behind your marketing strategy, we have Google Analytics certified individuals on hand. Partner up with us today.