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Great Images: Your Guide to Social Media Stardom

By Snap Agency June 2, 2016

All the social media content, details and strategies can get messy, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. In her videos, Morgan will be bringing you the five most important steps to becoming a social media rock star as well as introducing you to a few of her can’t-live-without social tools along the way.

Step One: Quality Images

Bright Images

Colorful images are key. In a recent study, researchers found that colorful images increase your audience’s willingness to read your content. Not only that, but it also increases your audience’s attention span if colorful images are involved. 

Quality Images

In addition to being bright and colorful, the images you post must also be high-quality. Some tips to get there:

  • Always take advantage of natural lighting. Make sure windows are at your back (if you’re the photographer), go outside whenever possible, etc.
  • Use stock photos only when necessary
  • Use a good editing software to help you achieve the best results

(In case you missed it, we are going to be creating a digital marketing tip video every day for one month and sharing them with all of you wonderful people on our blog here.)

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