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Use Social Media to Create Brand Champions Instantly!

By Snap Agency March 21, 2014

Social Media strategy for business has exploded over the past three years for good reason. It works. And if you’re good at it, it really works.

So, do you think you aren’t good at harnessing the power of social media? Think again. You’ve probably just misinformed. We’re here to help you build brand advocates on Facebook, Twitter and all social sites, with tips that will boost your company in an instant.

People Don’t Buy From Brands

People buy from people that they know, trust, have a connection with. Getting your employees chatting about your brand online is a great way to get your business in front of people and make them aware. It’s easy and cheap (great for small business budgets) to instruct your employees to post a few times a week about company culture, news, events–anything, really.

Just get some content out there, include links and drive traffic to your website. This way, as the consumer is clicking through your products, and remembers that her friend Jane’s Facebook posts say your cardigans are the best, she’ll make that connection and be more compelled to buy the cardigan from you.

Improve Your Social Profiles

High-quality profiles reflect a high-quality business. Putting the UX website design layout at the forefront of your social media strategy (and all your Web-based work) will go a long ways for your company. It requires more than a couple sentence bio, or crappy pictures from 2005’s employee picnic where it rained.

Put a face behind your organization, be friendly and mind your brand mandatories. Making it seem as though you are communicating to consumers as you would be in real life is extremely important when trying to turn simple brand followers into mega brand champions.

Stay Relevant To You & Your Audience

Relevant social networks are important, obviously. The number of followers doesn’t really matter, what matters is the number of those followers that are converting into loyal purchasers.

If you’re a B2B marketer it makes more sense to be on LinkedIn that it does to be on Instagram. Sure, there may be benefits involved with the picture sharing platform, but do you think a group of high schoolers (Instagrams biggest user demographic is in the 18-29 age range) really cares about B2B? Probably not.

If you type “B2B” in the LinkedIn search bar on the other hand, it reveals more than 3,000 groups of B2B marketers and enthusiasts. I’m guessing they may find your information valuable. Whatever you’re doing on social, just ensure that you and your team have a cohesive and quantifiable marketing strategy and make sure it’s relevant to your business and network.

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