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Spring Cleaning Tips to Re-Energize Your Brand

By Snap Agency May 24, 2019

Unless you’re Marie Kondo, all that time, effort, and trips to the local thrift store in the name of “spring cleaning” probably don’t bring you joy. Maybe you’re dutifully thinning out your shoe collection, tossing last year’s golf balls, or finally digging into that one closet you desperately try to avoid opening. No matter the process, there’s something refreshing about re-energizing and restructuring your space with the changing of the seasons. At Snap, we think that your brand can benefit from some spring cleaning, too! Whether this means refreshing your actual branding material (logo, typography, color scheme, and more), taking an open-minded look at your current marketing strategies to see what is and isn’t working, or even potentially partnering with a new company in order to put forth the best version of your brand, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and grab some Clorox.

First, Check Your Arsenal

Any expert cleaner knows to check their cleaning supplies before digging into a mess to make sure they have the tools to get the job done. In the same way, it’s crucial to have consistent means in place to measure the results of marketing efforts before considering making changes to them. Think about these questions as you consider your current brand, marketing efforts, or agency partnership.

  • Does my brand have a solid strategy in place to help determine and measure social ROI?
  • Do the current practices of my brand encourage new talent and innovative ideas within my company?
  • When customers give feedback on my offer, product, or services, are there things they seem to consistently like or dislike?
  • Are new clients consistently finding me? If so, how are they reaching my website or information?
  • Is my current partnership adding value to my ROI? What unique services or skills is this agency adding to my brand?

By building a solid foundation of tools and measurements to ensure that any new branding, marketing, or partnership endeavors are successful, you set your brand up for success.

It’s Time For a Refresh

After examining your arsenal and making sure measures are in place to track the success of your spring cleaning, it’s time to start swiping at the cobwebs and introducing some positive change. No one knows the ins and outs of your brand better than your team, so the best (free) way to find outdated or tired aspects of your existing offer, product, or service is to ask your trusted employees. Once you’ve taken the time to gather internal thoughts on current branding efforts, turn to the data. Charts and tools like surveys, customer reviews, and heat mapping offer helpful metrics that reveal both strengths and weaknesses in your current processes.

ROI measurements and data collection are a crucial part of every re-energizing effort. Without these tools in place, any changes made would be futile, since you wouldn’t be able to measure their success.

Refresh, Re-Energize, and Re-Examine

Now that you’ve identified potential stagnancies in your existing branding materials, marketing, or partnerships and found ways to ensure these problems don’t re-occur, it’s time to breathe some new life into them!

Refresh Branding Efforts

We’ve said it before, and we’ll keep saying it ‘til the cows come home: your brand choices and message are the most important aspects of your business. Considering a refresh here can feel particularly daunting given the significant time and resources that go into initially developing a brand. We’ve written a number of blog posts offering helpful advice about building a brand, maintaining a consistent brand voice, and keeping your brand message current as your business continues to grow and change.

Re-Energize Marketing Strategies

The introduction and swift rise of social media and new platforms have drastically changed marketing, challenging digital marketers to remain one step ahead of every trend. If you haven’t taken another look at your marketing strategy recently and are still relying solely on old standbys like email marketing campaigns, it’s time for some major changes. A great place to start is by building a profile for your brand on all major social platforms. In order to best market to the next emerging customer base, you need to know what their needs are, how they communicate those needs, and how you can best meet them.

Re-Examine Current Partnerships

Making the decision to partner with a digital marketing agency is no small step, and admitting that your current agency relationship might not be the best for your brand is even harder. If this is the case, the absolute best decision you can make for your brand is to be honest with your current partner and re-evaluate your plans. If changes are needed beyond the scope of a new approach, it may be time to test the waters with a new agency,

Skip the Mess With Snap

If you think your brand could use some spring cleaning but lack the resources, time, or manpower to make it happen, give Snap a call today. Whether you just need more information, some helpful tips, or a total rebrand, our experts would love to hear from you and get the conversation started. Together, we’ll revamp your marketing strategy with killer content, eye-catching social posts, and data-driven SEO!