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Support Your Healthcare Branding With These Digital Marketing Services

By Snap Agency August 29, 2022

Healthcare website illustration displayed on a laptop screen with various elements highlighted with medical professional icons.


You have your colors picked out and your logo designed, and your young company is ready to wear its branding elements. Or, perhaps you’ve been in the game for decades and your brand is well-seasoned and even recognizable to thousands in your area. Either way, you’re happy with your healthcare branding, and you want new and returning patients to be pleasantly surprised by its level of professionalism and warmth.

So how can you take your branding to the next level? There’s no better way to get your brand in front of more eyes than implementing digital marketing services. In this article, we’ll tell you what digital marketing services could be profitable options for your business, and how they support your branding initiatives.

Healthcare Branding & SEO

Every niche has a set of SEO practices that will work best for its unique business model. Healthcare SEO is no different. In fact, SEO for medical practices is far more stringent in the eyes of Google.

Due to Google’s algorithm update in 2018, notably called Medic, healthcare websites must adhere to a strict set of practices that demonstrate expertise, authority, and trust (EAT). Google’s goal is to serve up the best, most helpful content in search. That means your healthcare website needs to send Google the right signals in order to rank.

Consistent branding, proprietary images, expert blog authors, and premier functionality are just a tiny handful of the signals you want Google to see.

Paid Ads Convey Brand Messaging

Paid ads are an excellent resource when you want more eyes on your brand fast. Paid ads are many users’ first interaction with your medical practice. In an image and a sentence, you want to make sure your brand values are immediately evident.

Here’s a helpful tip: make your paid ads highly targeted. You can do this by identifying your top services. Then, you can configure your ads so that they display to people who may be suffering from a condition for which you can provide healthcare services.

If your branding comes across as welcoming and trustworthy, you may be surprised by the number of leads this combination of branding and paid ads can generate.

Social Media Promotes Brand Engagement

Social media for medical practices can be interesting, educational, and personal. Users love to learn at-home solutions to common ailments, for example. They might also want to stay up-to-date on relevant medical news and come to trust you as a source.

Social media is a unique digital marketing service, however, in that you can add a personal touch. Consider giving your followers a sneak peek into the office with staff bios and high-quality photos of the environment. Because healthcare needs are very personal, this insight can take the stress out of finding the right medical practice.

Email Marketing Builds Trust

Email marketing allows you to dive into your potential patients’ inboxes. Emails can include welcome messages, appointment reminders, industry and office news, and targeted educational material.

No matter what type of emails you send to your patients, you need your healthcare branding to be consistent in tone, voice, professionalism, values, design, and frequency if you want to build trust with new and returning patients.

Patients should be able to quickly recognize your office and the purpose of your email before they even open it. In other words, your subject line should be informative and enticing. 

Support Your Healthcare Brand With Digital Marketing Services

Healthcare SEO, paid ads, social media, and email marketing are four cornerstones of digital marketing for medical businesses. The best part about investing in these digital marketing strategies is that they all work together to boost traffic and increase conversions.

But what ties these elements all together is developing instantly recognizable brand across all marketing channels. So go ahead and show off your hard work, elegant design, and helpful messages. A niche digital marketing agency like Snap has ample experience in the healthcare space. Reach out to learn how we can improve your practice’s ROI today.