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How to Survive Your First Holiday Season While Selling on Amazon

By Snap Agency November 6, 2018

Don’t blink – when you do, you might open them to find Christmas lights on every corner and jolly bell ringers standing outside the grocery store across the street. We all know that time flies, even more so around crazy chaotic times of the year like the holiday season. The faster time flies, the more people are turning to online businesses – like Amazon Marketplace – for their last-minute shopping needs. Starting with Black Friday, the short weeks leading up to Christmas incur about 30% of all annual retail sales. Even if you’re new to selling on Amazon, this number gives you heart eyes.

As a business person and Amazon seller, you cannot afford to lose out on this customer base. Keep reading to see what’s up in the Amazon world, why you should see your Amazon potential as the key to increasing your ROI this holiday season, and to learn our best tips for improving your Amazon marketing strategies this holiday season. Thankfully, there are many brilliant examples of profitable online businesses to learn from, so don’t remake the wheel. Instead, hop on the bandwagon, learn a few things, and be thankful for a great ride.

The Stats

Last year, the number of people handling their purchases in stores on Thanksgiving and Black Friday dropped 4 percent from 2016. This year, it’s going to drop even more as online companies start offering better sales, and more often, to increase their traffic (think Cyber Monday). Forbes reports that by the end of 2017, Amazon sales topped $177.9 billion which is a 31% increase from 2016. These numbers are confirming Amazon’s continued dominance in the sales world.

Why People Are Choosing to Shop Online

Smart Insights shares that convenience and price comparison are the main drivers for increases in online shopping. Research suggests that the older millennial generation is also to thank for this increase, with one-third of them handling a majority of their purchase from a desktop computer or mobile device. Yet, no matter who is doing the purchasing, the “why” is clear: nothing beats a great discount, no matter the age of the shopper. A twist on this, though, is that the discount is not always monetary.

As the world around us continues to pick up speed, consumers are finding value in options make their lives better in other ways. For example, over 70% of millennials say they decide to donate to charities based on what they are passionate about, and 81% of millenials want the companies they support (with their business) to make a commitment to good corporate citizenship. Thanks to technology and social media, it is easy to record, post, and support charities and causes very publicly. These actions earn moral – and financial – support, and increase traffic and ROI as a result.

How You Can Cash In on This Potential This Holiday Season

Market Proactively

Use your website, blog, and other social media to connect with your customers and drive more traffic to your Amazon page. By shamelessly linking every post back to your page, you are promoting your quiet confidence in your products, and using your marketing dollars to their best potential.

Use Your Influencers

Despite your best efforts, your marketing campaigns will only go so far in capturing the broadest customer base possible. Expand your reach by working with influencers. Their brand promotion have earned them a large following, and by letting them help promote your products or services, you are increasing awareness of your brand and building an awesome business connection to partner with, maybe for years to come.

Do good

We just learned from the above paragraph that a majority of young people want the companies they support to be making a positive impact on our world. Take advantage of the season, and have your holiday marketing strategy work double-time for you by using your holiday sale to give back. For example, try running a day-long campaign advertising 10% of proceeds sold in those 24 hours will go to a charitable cause.

Do Your Holiday Marketing Strategies Measure Up?

Take a peek at Hubspot’s top 15 holiday marketing campaigns from 2017. Although vastly different in their target audience and delivery, every ad in this article had one thing in common: the light-hearted nature and positive tone of the ads appeal to the happiness usually associated with the holiday season. Sit down, grab some caffeine, and start crafting a holiday Amazon marketing campaign that can make even the crabbiest consumer crack a smile.

This might sound daunting. We get it; not every creative mind is filled to overflowing with holiday spirit. If that sounds like you, contact Snap! Our team of experts are ready and excited to take your Amazon business to the next level.