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Take Your Website to the Next Level: 5 Ways to Rank Higher

By Snap Agency October 8, 2019

All digital marketers wish there were an easy answer to the question, “How do I increase my visibility on Google?” Unfortunately, search algorithms are never that simple. When it comes to website visibility, earning a hard-fought space on the first page of Google results is like winning the gold medal in the digital marketing Olympics. Every business, web designer, and SEO specialist strives to end up on the podium, but space is limited. 

Since achieving higher ranking through SEO tactics is far from a one-size-fits-all solution, are the resources, time, knowledge, and dedication required to help boost your website’s visibility worth it? In our humble opinion, the answer is a resounding yes.

Why Google Rankings Matter

Marketing experts can argue all day regarding the importance of Google rankings in the ever-evolving digital landscape. However, just about everyone agrees that having robust data is vital to making sound marketing decisions. Google Analytics provides a reliable way for website owners to glean essential data and insights regarding all aspects of their websites. The higher you rank, the more traffic your site receives, and the more data you’ll be able to gather.

However, due to the implementation of new algorithms like Rankbrain, achieving optimum rankings on Google search results is no easy task. Optimizing web pages for search engines and developing detailed buyer personas to better understand the mindset of your ideal consumer will not only help boost search rankings; these tactics will also strengthen your overall brand and inform future marketing strategies. 

SEO: The Key To Ranking Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about getting your content in front of the right people—to grow traffic, increase conversions, and improve brand recognition. If your website isn’t making it to page one of search results, the obvious conclusion is that your website isn’t satisfying the search algorithms when compared to competitors. 

The easiest way to boost your click-through rate is by implementing SEO best practices and tactics. Whether this means improving your technical SEO, upping your backlink game, or cranking out higher-quality content, improving your SEO strategy should naturally lead to higher clicks and more conversions over time. 

5 SEO Tips To Push Your Website Higher in Search Rankings

Here are some tips designed to help maximize your SEO efforts. While the top spot might be out of reach for now, you can get started by implementing practices that will push some of your content up a few spots.  

Get To Know the Algorithms

Different search engines use various algorithms, and no two algorithms crawl web pages the same way. Most marketers recognize Google as the king of search, but it’s important not to overlook the potential offered by other search engines. Once you have established your primary search engine, take the time to learn its operating system and make sure your technical SEO is compatible with those strategies. 

Re-Think Your Keywords

On-page SEO is one of your greatest tools for improving search ranking and meeting the needs —both direct and indirect—of searchers. To nail this aspect of your SEO strategy, it’s vital to perform thorough keyword research and targeting to ensure that your website is optimized for every searcher (even those who don’t know precisely what they’re searching for). 

Cultivate Better Content

The average landing page has a conversion rate of just 2.3 percent. This should tell you that your content needs to do more than contribute to the digital noise in order to win clicks. Try and examine your content with fresh eyes. Would your title, headings, and graphics inspire you to keep reading? Are you incorporating highly relevant keywords to capture the most qualified audience? If not, it’s time for a refresh.

Utilize Google My Business

Possibly your biggest asset when it comes to local SEO, Google My Business is a paid option that allows you to post your business’ website, phone number, hours, and more on Google search results. This is incredibly helpful to mobile and voice search users looking for the easiest option. Make sure that your information stays up to date, so that searchers actually find what they’re looking for.

Optimize For Mobile Users

Having a website that’s optimized for mobile is no longer an option; it’s a necessity for every business that wants to succeed in the digital age. In 2018, 63 percent of Google searches were made via mobile device. If your site isn’t already optimized for mobile, making this change as soon as possible will only benefit your brand. 

Climb the Rankings With Snap

As search engines get smarter and digital competition only increases, having an SEO-friendly website is more important than ever. The tips mentioned above aren’t groundbreaking. With the dedicated time and resources, though, they have the potential to help take your website to the next level. Not sure you have the needed capacity to improve your ranking? Contact Snap. Our talented team of SEO strategists, copywriters, and website designers are eager to conquer the search algorithms with you.