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Tips for Choosing an SEO Company

By Snap Agency September 22, 2013

Choosing a search engine optimization company can be difficult. Especially when everything you read and everyone you talk seems to have a different approach and strategy. Really the only thing you’ll find that consistent is that every agency takes a slightly different approach. It’s like the wild west, no two agencies are the same and everyone is at the mercy of Google. Here are a few tips for finding an SEO company.

Go local.

Having a reputable local company is ideal. Mainly because they won’t want to tarnish their reputation in their own back yard. You also have the ability to meet face-to-face which, can make both parties feel more comfortable with creating a partnership. Also if they don’t deliver on their word, you know where to find them.

Understand the deliverables.

SEO can be complicated but a good SEO company should not only be able to explain the deliverables but also explain why those tactics are important to your SEO strategy. It is not unreasonable to ask for clarification. Ask for clarity on terms or language that you don’t understand. If an agency can’t clearly articulate what tactics they’ll be employing, it is probably best to stay away.

Don’t fall for the page 1 guarantee trap.

Beware of claims that guarantee results. Especially those that promise page 1 on google as these are almost always shady deals. These types of offers typically use black-hat strategies that could end causing some serious damage to your site’s ranking.

Avoid long-term contracts.

Beware of SEO companies with long-term contracts, as this could be an indication that they are not confident in their work. If the agency has a genuine interest in producing results, they wouldn’t need a long-term contract.

Watch out for “the guy”.

We run into this “guy” often. The guy who does “SEO” on the side or is a friend of a friend. These relationships don’t usually end up well. Either you don’t see results and you have to cut the “guy” loose, which can make for an uncomfortable friendship, or he takes off with your money never to be seen again.

Find an SEO company that ranks well.

Do a google search for SEO Minneapolis or whatever city you’re in. See who pops up. If they can do it for themselves, chances are they can do it for you too. This is typically a good indication of a SEO agency that will be around for awhile.