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Top B2B Digital Marketing Tactics for 2020

By Snap Agency January 27, 2020

On a surface level, business-to-business (B2B) digital marketing may sound less involved than business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing. After all, isn’t B2B marketing more about providing solid details about products and services, rather than taking a more creative, flashy approach?

Not necessarily. The business at the other end of the B2B line is still made up of people—people who are just as apt to find a strong digital marketing tactic as compelling as a B2C customer. The secret to success here is drawing inspiration from a variety of sources. We’ve compiled a list of some of the top B2B digital marketing tactics for 2020, so that you can get ahead of the fierce competition this year while keeping and creating loyal customers. We’ve also outlined some of our favorite case studies, where the tactics we talk about here were successfully put into action.

Create a User-Friendly Experience While Keeping Up With Design Trends

Your website and your articles should be constructed in such a way that they are easy to navigate. Essentially, your customer should have an intuitive sense of where to click when they have a question. It may help in this case to envision yourself in the user’s shoes. Place hyperlinks to relevant articles that may be of interest, in places where the user can easily find them. Answer any questions that a new user may have while reading. Remember, these customers are, for the most part, new to your site, while you’ve been working on it day in and day out. What’s intuitive to you may not be obvious to them, so keep it simple!

And whenever you decide that it’s time for a design update, be sure that your site is keeping up with evolving trends, such as voice search, mobile optimization, and virtual reality. Your website doesn’t have to change just for the sake of progress, but it never hurts to check out what your peers in the industry are up to, either—you might just discover an opportunity that everyone else is missing out on.

Case Study: INSITE Packaging Automation

For Snap’s work with INSITE, a developer of packaging automation technology, creating a user-friendly experience was key. The secondary packaging industry can be a complicated field to navigate, even for a savvy client, so we focused on creating an elegant online presence. For both loyal and prospective clients, this suggested simplicity and utility—both of which are key elements to what make INSITE’s case erectors and case sealers so useful.

Use Behavioral Segmentation to Better Understand Your Audience 

Organic ranking is crucial for companies who want to compete in a highly-saturated market. But to create and execute a successful SEO strategy, you need to get inside the minds of your customers. Ask yourself what your target demographic may be looking for when they complete a Google search. Are the relevant keywords popping up throughout your articles? 

To take things a step further, get smarter with your audience segmentation and separate customers out by behaviors. What do the purchasing patterns of specific groups tell you? Are there any opportunities to strengthen customer engagement by sending out email newsletters to smaller groups, or creating blogs that address questions related to key concerns?

Case Study: Timesavers

Snap Agency collaborated with Timesavers, an industry leader in metalworking and woodworking machines. We identified keywords that would allow an already-loyal demographic to search for industrial and sanding products, while also using high-intent keywords to appeal to new customers, such as those searching for DIY tools. 

By using a combination of specific and high-intent keywords, we were able to appeal to a wide audience, and add to our target demographic in the process.

Humanize Your Brand Voice

High-quality website design (whether communicated through visuals or through an engaging writing style) suggests high quality content or material, which helps to frame your company’s voice. Ask yourself who is browsing your site, and what they’re seeking in terms of tone. Are your clients no-nonsense, meaning it might pay to keep your blog posts straightforward and strictly factual? Or is your audience playful and receptive to a mode of storytelling that digresses now and then? Whichever route you take, be sure that you are telling your company’s story in a compelling way. Providing interesting factual detail and asking questions of your reader are great ways to do this in both creative and matter-of-fact blogging, and every bit of tone you inject into your content will work to put a “face” on your brand.

Case Study: Wapiti Labs

Wapiti Labs, a developer of natural pet supplements, worked with Snap Agency to frame their company’s unique voice—one that advocates for both animals and their loving owners.

Through blog posts, we told the story of Wapiti’s mission, while providing plenty of eye-catching supplementary visuals. We aligned the company voice with its demographic—i.e., spoke to readers in a way that showed that Wapiti cares just as much about animals as their customers do. The result was an affectionate, playful brand voice that also provided plenty of detail, addressing any questions or concerns a customer might have.

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At Snap, we’re ready and willing to help you create an engaging user experience for your target demographic. We’ll answer all of their questions and more while defining and refining your brand’s individual voice. We’ll leverage our acute understanding of the best SEO practices out there to drive new traffic to your site and boost product sales. Want to know what else we can do?

For even more insight into how we put these techniques into action, we encourage you to contact us today. Let us help you best utilize your B2B platform so that you can reap the rewards of digital marketing in 2020.