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Video now available on Instagram

By Snap Agency June 28, 2013

On June 20th the social media and photo-sharing application, Instagram, launched its latest feature; video. With the launch, some skepticism arose on how this new feature would compare with its video sharing competitor, Vine, but from looking at the past week this was not a problem in the success of the Instagram video.

Within the first 24 hours, Instagram reported that more than 5 million videos had been uploaded, including a peak of 40 hours of video uploaded per minute when the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. Along with this continued usage by individuals, Instagram was happy to see that the new feature was being embraced on a business level as well. This week, several global brands such as Burberry, Nike, and Starbucks have posted videos and continue to use Instagram as a staple in their social media strategy.

How do you use Instagram Video?

Much of the success of the new feature can be attributed to how simple, easy, and fun the application is to use and how it allows all users to become an “instant photographer or videographer”. Now users are able to record 15 second videos and select 1 of 13 filters before posting. It also allows users to select a still image that they would like the video to appear as on the news feed of their followers. To watch the video you simply tap the movie camera icon in the corner.

Why should my business use Instagram?

The use of this social media channel can be especially helpful for businesses because it is a great way to become a part of your audience’s daily life. Posting pictures and videos of the latest products and how to use them is a great way to market to your followers and it also opens a door to be more creative with your message. You can build great relationships with your followers by getting feedback through Instagram and showing them that you follow their accounts as well. It is easy to edit and upload your photo or video and you are able to reach the masses in just a few moments.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot of Instagram.com video