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Ways COVID-19 Is Affecting SaaS Companies

By Snap Agency June 15, 2020

The digital landscape has changed immensely in the past month due to COVID-19—notably, more of us are working from home than ever before. The fact that we’re able to do this in the first place is pretty remarkable, thanks in part to a model known as SaaS.

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery method that encourages both productivity and collaboration. SaaS providers often include powerful logistical features for businesses, such as email, payroll processing, document editing, and more. Dropbox, Mailchimp, Slack, and DocuSign are just a few examples of SaaS companies currently making their way onto millions of remote workers’ computers. 

How are SaaS sales and strategies changing in reaction to COVID-19, especially given the unprecedented resulting influx of new users? Is it still possible to grow business during COVID-19 as SaaS systems take the place of face-to-face interactions? Let’s take a look.

Sales Changes

Given the massive increase in SaaS users and the inevitable recession coming on the heels of COVID-19, it’s hard to imagine developing a consistent SaaS marketing strategy. Nevertheless, companies are finding ways to ride these waves.

Incorporating New SEO Strategies

Consider how search queries have changed in just the past month. COVID-19 searches are the most popular on Google to date, even surpassing questions about the weather. With the sudden shift in search terms and phrases, SaaS companies must be quick to adopt a complementary SEO strategy.

If you’re an SaaS company, what does revamping your SEO strategy look like to you? Say you’re targeting an audience based in northern Europe—you’ll want to analyze popular search terms in that area by country, region, and city. Whatever your approach, we recommend thinking in terms of at least several months. After all, none of us can definitively say how long these new strategies will be needed, and SEO does take time to work its magic.

Create Meaning By Creating Content

Let’s be frank: being at home 24/7 is leaving many of us a little stir crazy—and that much more likely to be surfing the web. What better way to break up your users’ day by developing quality content unique for your SaaS platform?

What are some examples of engaging SaaS content, you ask? How about detailed and interactive infographics that position your SaaS platform as an industry authority? Maybe you’ll start writing and posting regular blog posts that address user concerns during these challenging times. And don’t forget about social media—during this time of social isolation, contests that divert stress and keep users engaged through likes, comments, and shares are more important than ever.

Strategy Changes

On the one hand, SaaS companies are one of the sectors actually seeing growth during the coronavirus pandemic. On the other hand, this explosion of new users requires providers to revamp their strategies to offer increased support and lead to sustainable, long-term growth.

Increased Remote Support

Many workplaces were already using one SaaS system or another before COVID-19. Even so, there’s still a learning curve when shifting to a complete work-from-home model, especially when these workers weren’t necessarily SaaS experts in the first place. Thankfully, many software providers are stepping up to the plate, offering extended remote support and adopting a series of worst-case-scenario responses to technological difficulties.

It doesn’t end there: SaaS providers are offering not only technical support, but also a type of emotional support. Companies have been “encouraged to practice empathy for their employees” and recognize that the past month’s shift is hardly a seamless one. And thank goodness for that, as we’re sure even the most tech-savvy individuals have lost their patience once or twice during this time!

Harnessing Data-Driven Insights to Manage Infrastructure

The vast majority of SaaS companies, such as Dropbox, already utilize a data-driven approach. They frequently incorporate real-time data about network conditions and route application traffic when it becomes overpopulated. In countries where internet services are slow and irregular, a stable connection to an SaaS system during COVID-19 is all the more valuable.

It’s worth noting that we may see a shift in response times as SaaS experts are pulled in multiple directions at once. But never fear—these SaaS systems were designed to distribute work out to different parts of the network even before a global pandemic, meaning the transition won’t be as rocky as it could have been.

Navigating the Changing SaaS Landscape? Let Snap Help!

Snap knows what it takes to grow your SaaS company even without the benefit of those in-person sales and other interactions. Contact us for a rundown on superior SEO strategies, data-driven insights, meaningful creative content, and much more. We’ll help your business adjust to the changing workday and employ more productive, cutting-edge marketing strategies than ever before.