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Web Design Inspiration for the Pet Industry

By Snap Agency September 20, 2016

When it comes to our pets, most of us would do anything for our furry friends. We want to give them the best in food, treats and care that we possibly can. Which sites and companies do you trust for your pets? When designing websites for the pet industry, what are some things that make the site high-quality in design and trusting for the consumer? Here are some examples of pet-specific sites that are doing it right!

BarkBox Web Design



This site is a great home page site for the pet industry. It has a great, vibrant blue and green that catch your eyes for the calls-to-action, which serves the overall purpose of the page to get the consumer to purchase the product and subscribe for future purchases. It also shows great interaction with the products and the pets. The one thing that catches my attention the most is a picture of the product showing you exactly what will come in your surprise BarkBox each month for your pet


Wapiti Labs Web Design



Wapiti Labs’ website has some extra features that let the consumer know that they are manufacturing and selling a trustworthy product for your pet. This site adorns trust factor badges that tell you multiple things. Number one: This is a sustainable resource. Number two: It is made in the USA. Number three: These products are made from antler velvet from elks. These are some things that people want to know when they are purchasing a product for their pet to consume. The more you can incorporate trust factor badges, the better. Online consumers are more likely to convert if you can elicit more trust from them. This site also sports a nice overall clean design, clear readability, organized content and supporting images for their products.


Camp Bow Wow Web Design



This boarding company for dogs has great iconography that shows their services. They also do a great job at highlighting their awards and testimonials. Each section on this page does a good job at sectioning each part out so it is clear for the user to see which pictures go with which content piece.

The Studio




This website shows a strong logo and branding. You know exactly what the service is when looking at the logo: It is a evidently a dog-grooming service. They also used a nice design trend where text is overlayed on an image. This shows that the site is current and cared for. Also, its navigation is not the typical navigation. It is well-organized on the left-hand side of the page.





Ruffwear does a great job at breaking up its blog posts and organizing them with eye-catching images. These images are clear and related to what the post is about. Their logo is clearly displayed on the top of the page, making the consumer aware of the brand.


Pup Strut




Pup Strut walking dog and pet service has a nice navigation that is straight to the point so users are able to find what they are looking for when entering the site. They also are presenting that they love what they do, so you know that they will take care of your furry pet. Emphasizing passion and commitment is another way to garner trust from users.  


Dog in Pants



This is a great photo-based website where the images are a slideshow that are always changing in the background. This company crafts quality clothing and collars for pets, and they do a wonderful job displaying their products with a fun functionality piece when you hover over each of their products—check it out on their site.


Twin Cities Obedience Training Club



When dealing with pets, everyone wants to see images of dogs and pets. Images reflecting what you’re looking for are great at grabbing attention. It’s what we look for when entering pet industry sites. They also have well-designed icons that you can click on depending on what type of training you are looking at for your dog. Unfortunately, not all the training classes are shown on the picture above, so enter the site to check it out. Everything is readable on this page, crisp and clear.


Pet Industry Design Best Practices

People who have pets really love their pets. They are members of the family, so it’s a best design practice to prominently show your site’s commitment to pets, too. Images of well-cared for pets coupled with trust-eliciting icons and testimonials will have consumers coming to you time and time again to make their pet as happy as they can be.