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Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based SEO and digital growth company. For over 15 years, we've been helping businesses squash IT issues and backend bugs across their website.

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Right now, you’re probably asking, “How can your Webmaster services support stability and growth for my business?” Here’s the summary:


The web is vast, complex, and constantly changing as new technologies and user behaviors come to light. Thankfully, our data-driven approach and dedication to research keep us at the forefront of IT best practices and strategy.

In other words, we handle the stress of investigating and resolving site maintenance issues—so you can rest easy and focus on your business.



To make a meaningful mark in your industry, you need an engaging online platform that delivers the same outstanding experience your brand offers in person. That means no bugs, long load times, or outdated assets. But as websites become more and more advanced, staying a step ahead of these issues is harder than ever before. The solution? An experienced and responsive webmaster.

At Snap, we’ve spent over 15 years perfecting the art of building and maintaining websites for businesses—and winning a few industry awards in the process. What’s our secret? We test new practices and procedures across our own websites, and leverage the best maintenance tactics for our own clients. We’re seasoned pros at tackling IT issues of every time—bringing consistency and better performance to your website.
Are you a business grappling with crashes, bugs or updates for your website? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve helped dozens of B2C and B2B brands build and maintain their online platforms, making us a premier provider of development and Webmaster services across the nation. With our support, you can overcome IT challenges in record time.

What Are Webmaster Services & Why Does Your Business Need Them?

Webmaster services take the stress of day-to-day technical problems of your plate—while also furthering the longstanding goals of your web presence. With this solution, you can create tickets or make requests for changes via emails to your designated webmaster, who addresses these issues without compromising what’s already working well on the site.

Snap’s Webmaster services are designed to quickly and seamlessly address your IT challenges. Our IT experts have decades of experience with building and troubleshooting websites—and have extensive knowledge of the latest and greatest maintenance practices.

Our Webmaster services are fast, through and flexible; we guarantee to respond to requests within one business day—and our average response time is three business hours or less.

Our overarching goal is to become a natural extension of your IT efforts—making it easy to report and address any technical challenges. We provide a bucket of maintenance hours each month, which can be spent on any tasks you require. From adding new images and pages to updating website plugins, we handle it all.

Webmaster Services That Work

Simplicity is the name of the same with our Webmaster services. Each month, you’re given a bucket of hours for support via a dedicated portal and support email address. This system allows you to create tickets or make requests in seconds via emails.

Once we receive your requests, your designated webmaster will respond within 24 business hours (if not earlier) to ensure we implement the right solution. We also proactively manage CMS updates and other improvements as they emerge to keep your online presence up to date. That means you’ll spend less time worrying about IT issues affecting your site and more time growing your business. Whether you need help with resolving backend issues and uploading additional media assets or simply adding provided copy to your digital platform, our veteran webmasters have you covered. Together, we can strengthen your digital foundation and deliver the outstanding experience your users deserve.


  • After signing up for our Webmaster services, we work with you to establish a set number of webmaster hours for each month. This step ensures that you have sufficient support for the unique IT challenges your company faces. We’ll also give you access to a dedicated portal and support email address, which you’ll use to report any requests.

    However, please note that we don’t handle every single type of request. For example, our Webmaster services do not extend to custom design, image creation, copywriting or search engine marketing (SEM). You’ll want to leverage our other services for those needs. But don’t sweat it, we’ll fill you in on which requests our webmasters handle when you sign on. Here are just a few of the many support requests your webmaster can accommodate:

    • Addition of provided content/copy
    • Upload & addition of media (images, videos, etc.)
    • Updates & bug fixes for site issues or crashes
    • Updates to the latest version of CMS or plugins
  • Within 24 hours of your support request, we’ll reach out to you with a game plan for addressing it—and ask for clarification if needed. (Our average response time is three business hours or less.) We can also be flexible in the order we resolve these technical issues and requests based on your needs—so you won’t have to worry about small fixes getting in the way if a major issue arises.

    Snap’s webmasters have decades of experience managing websites—and getting them back up to speed when technical problems occur. In other words, we can quickly and comfortably address almost any errors affecting your website. (We do build these things, after all.) If you experience a technical issue on your site—no matter how large or small—just shoot us an email describing the problem and your change request. This applies to requests for site updates or additions, too. We’ll draw from your pre-set bucket of support hours to tackle these requests as they come in. We can also rearrange the order of fixes and changes based on your priorities—so keep us in the loop if you need certain tasks done sooner than others.

  • For each monthly support period, you’ll receive a single prepay invoice—making payment effortless. This invoice will come with a detailed summary of time spent the month before to keep both parties on the same page. These documents will always arrive 15 days prior to the upcoming period.

    The end of each support phase is also the perfect time to review how many hours in your bucket were used—and how many you’ll need for upcoming IT initiatives. If you didn’t use all of them, then we’re set to go. And if you came close to drawing too many, we can fine-tune your available hours to accommodate that.

    We’re also happy to collaborate with you on support planning. For example, your team may need additional webmaster hours leading up to or following the launch of a new website feature or application. We can help brief your team on the average time required for our range of support services—and help you determine the ideal number of monthly support hours to suit your IT needs.


At Snap, we’ve been mastering the discipline of website maintenance since 2003—long before we offered Webmaster services. We’re exceptional at fixing and updating online platforms because we build them on a daily basis—and manage a range of our own websites. That’s the level of expertise you want in your webmaster partner.

Through experience, curiosity and tireless innovation, we can help you build a more stable and effective digital platform—positioning your brand for online growth.


Webmaster services bring measurable improvements to site reliability and performance.


Snap Agency is a Minneapolis-based digital marketing agency that helps clients grow through proven IT strategies. Our Webmaster services can help your brand achieve a more consistent and impactful online presence.

We have over 15 years of Webmaster experience.