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Westwerk Wins IAC’s 2018 Best General Interest Website Award

By Snap Agency July 24, 2018

Westwerk, receives the IAC’s Best General Interest Website Award for 2018.


Westwerk, a division of Snap Agency, was recently recognized by the IAC for its creative work in internet advertising. Westwerk received the Best General Interest Website Award for 2018 for its work with the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM). MIM is one of the most famous museums in the country, providing one-of-a-kind experiences for visitors with over 16,000 instruments from various cultures and historical periods.

Westwerk Delivers a Beautiful Web Design for MIM

MIM’s inspiring web build combines bold creativity with data-driven strategy to create an exceptional digital experience for museum goers. Westwerk simplified and modernized the site, by designing the homepage as a patchwork of posts that place the museum and exhibition information front and center. The layout revolves around a clean, easy to scan grid with large pictures and bold headlines that immediately captures the viewer’s attention and showcases the museum’s resourceful content.


The IAC (Internet Advertising Competition) Awards were created by the Web Marketing Association to recognize and celebrate exceptional creative work in online advertising. Each year, the IAC is judged by CEOs, marketing strategists, copywriters, website designers and creative directors across a wealth of organizations. Its 2018 judges included creatives and business leaders from SalesForce, Trighton Interactive, OMD, Digital Founders and more. These judges recognized MIM’s website design for its creativity, innovation, impact and memorability, honoring Westwerk with the IAC’s 2018 Best General Interest Website Award.


“We are honored to work with such an amazing organization on an incredible and fun project. It’s not often you get to work on something that connects with so many people globally in such a positive way.”


Learn more about Westwerk and its award-winning web design work.

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